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When it comes to high end, prestigious fashion for men, the collar is the best place to start. You can have the most luxurious of dress shirts and ties, but if that the collar is looking sloppy, so will your whole entire look, and lets be honest here, no one wants sloppy to be the appearance they’re emanating throughout their style, right? So what is a man to do? No, you don’t have to go to the dry cleaner before and after every time you wear a collared shirt, nor do you have to take a midday break to prop up your collar to ensure that you still look sharp. Instead, you can just opt for a collar stay which will keep your structured, prestigious style from morning to night, or rather, from the time you put on that nice shirt, to the time you take it off.

So What Is A Collar Stay?

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If the name didn’t give it away, a collar stay is an object that keeps your collar in the same sharp structure that it once was before you purchased it, wore it, washed it, dried it and did all kinds of other typical and normal wear to it. Simple enough, right? A collar stay makes sure that your collar stays sharp.

Why Is This Important?


As mentioned, you can have the most expensive of brands within your nice shirt collection, but if that the collar is looking crimped, crumbled or cowardly, you’re going to look pretty darn frumpy yourself. This is never a look that anyone ever strives for, especially when they have a lovely collared shirt on. Usually those opting for classy shirts are trying to achieve an appearance that is similar. Now you simply never have to worry about your style and appeal being jeopardized throughout a normal day of wear.

How Does It Work?


The simplicity of the collar stay carries out from its structure to its usage. Now don’t be confused. Simplicity is never to be mistaken as a negative thing. Certainly you wouldn’t want some contraption hidden in your collar that looks like something seen from the movie series, Saw, right? Collar stays are remarkably simple, and small pieces of plastic, or metal that keep that collar popped, crisp and classy. It’s small enough so it stays hidden and no one will ever know it’s there. You don’t feel it. You don’t see it. You just see the results of the structure collar that it provides.

Now, you may think that a frumpy collar is no big deal. At your next meeting, wedding or formal occasion, take a look around. Hopefully, you will see that all of the men have crisp collars as they should. Now, the ones who have a worn collar will definitely stick out like a sore thumb. There’s no point in dressing up if you’re still going to look casually careless. Don’t even worry about it and slip some collar stays into your outfit to ensure that your fashion and style stays on point.

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