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Shoes can make or break your entire outfit. If you think that you need not pay attention to the latest trends in shoes just because you have the latest clothes on, then you are very wrong. Shoes are the perfect accessories. They can completely transform your outfit and make you stylish or completely break your look because you are not wearing the latest shoe trends. Here are six top trends in shoes in 2013

1. Colourful Shoes

Accent - Blueshoe trends for 2013

The shoes in neutral shades have moved out to make place for colourful shoes. If you thought that shoes were all about boring neutrals and monotones, then you were wrong. This season you can see the craze for colourful shoes in shades like mint, coral, purple, blue, pink and other pastel shades. If you want bolder colours, you can even pick up shoes in neon colours like bright yellow, green, orange and turquoise.

Olive - Cobalt Blueshoe trends for 2013

2.  Shoes With Different Patterns and Materials

This is a completely new trend and you really have to be bold enough to carry it off. This involves a shoe that makes use of different patterns, prints and materials on different parts of the shoe. You can have the belts in black leather, the side in animal prints and the heels in wood. This bold is completely new and bold. Visit this site to check out the whole range of these trendy shoes.

3.  Shoes With Gold Accents

Manchi - Goldshoe trends for 2013

This season gold is making a comeback. The latest trend to catch up is having a shoe with gold accents. This kind of a shoe will have a gold lining on the heels, or lining or an embellished top. You can wear this kind of shoe for a dinner, a party or even wear them for a night out with your friends. This is chic and very trendy.

Vio Let - Mustard Suedeshoe trends for 2013

4.  Black And White Shoes

Florina Heel - Blackshoe trends for 2013

No matter how colourful the shoes become, you will always have time for neutral shoes in black and white. One of the top trends this season, are shoes with both black and white detailing. They look trendy and very classy. You can wear them for a formal do or even wear them for a lunch or to the office. They take the classic shoes in black and white and give them a new appeal.

5.  Cap Toe Shoes

Daz Ey - White IM Leashoe trends for 2013

Cap toe shoes are the latest craze this season. They are cute pumps with a toe cap in a different material. They look trendy and casual and you can wear them with anything. There are caps in suede, leather, canvas and you can wear them with your pants, skirts and dresses.

Charley - Black Snake Smoothshoe trends for 2013

6.  Flats and Pumps

Alpha - Natural Saddleshoe trends for 2013

Too Sliver - Red Patentshoe trends for 2013

Flats and pumps are still in fashion from the winter collection. You can try flats with pointed soles or those with the retro look inspired from the classic smoking slippers. Try them in canvas, suede, in bright shades or neutrals.
Try on these latest trends and get ready to welcome spring with a fashionable look.


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