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Hey Guys! Queen Bee, here! This is a guest post by my girlfriend Chantal McCulligh.  She’s a blogger from Canadian and I totally adore her so I know you guys will too. She’s wildly hilarious and she’s a complete shopaholic for fashion, beauty and well, if she’s spending money… she’s content! I wanted to give her a little bit of a shootout for being a massive inspiration to me.

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I get it! You guys don’t know me, but hey! Just bare with me for a moment because I can guarantee that you’re going to love moi! Just a little… Maybe…, Please? Well, there goes my ego! Seriously, though. I’m a lifestyle blogger from Canada and have been around for almost four years! I know! Isn’t that wild? I’m kind of a one-shot girl as I cover everything from youtube videos about beauty and my life, and blogs again, about my life, fashion, products, and of course, my serious shopping addiction all on my fashion blog. I could actually be admitted into Shopaholics 101. I’m not kidding in the least bit, but at least my obsession is enjoyable for you guys, my readers!! You get to, not only see the latest products, fashion and beauty, but you get a first hand experience with them before ever having to purchase anything. Plus, I’m funny sometimes. (All the time!). So, why read my blog? Aside from me being like oh-so-totally awesome. Toot! Toot! (Yes. That’s me tooting on my own horn!), I’m just a real girl. I have real problems. Real drama…. And as I mentioned, a real serious addiction to fashion, shopping, beauty and everything related.

Chantal McCulligh

Chantal McCulligh

Be Vain, Betches!

Honestly. Google Christina Aguilera’s song called “Vanity”, and then remember that for the rest of your life. And of course, remember that you received this exact advice from my fashion blog because I want you to stick around, you know? Honestly, everyone knows that the key to looking fabulous is confidence, and for some reason, some years ago, vanity was placed into a category of negative qualities. Well, listen ladies! I’m here to bring it back on my fashion blog! Be vain! Love yourself! Love your style. Love your fashion inspiration! You only live once, and if you don’t love yourself more than anyone else on this darn planet, how will you ever thoroughly be able to say that you lived life to the fullest? Lastly, if you love yourself, your talents and your attributes fully and thoroughly, you’re going to look just as astounding too! Meow!

Beauty Products Suck

Okay, not all beauty products suck, but I will totally tell you which ones do, on my fashion blog. Too many fashion blog girls (And guys!) sugar coat everything. I’ll never do that to you. None of us want to read a review that is rehearsed and well, fake! That’s why you have me. If I would never purchase a beauty product, you bet your arse I’m not going to tell you that you’re going to love it. The products that you use, whether they be moisturizers or makeup, are essential when determining your look and your look determines your overall appearance which you should be all vain about. I want you to love yourself absolutely, so I recommend products that are going to make you feel fabulous! <3 Justin Bieber

Laugh At My Laugh To Enjoy Yours

I’m just a girl who wants everyone to value their individuality while enjoying a little laugh at the love, drama and well, mistakes of my life. We all have them, right? And although I’m well past my prom days… (As if I just admitted that), I know my shazz. I’m kind of like the one-shot girl! I’ll entertain you while teaching you about life and fashion and well, everything it means to be a girl! If you can dream it, you can live it – Just see it all done on my fashion blog. Oh, and P.S. I’m only 23. That’s not old, is it? YOUTUBE: www.youtube.com/chantilliscious BLOG: www.chantalmcculligh.com


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