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Hair extension, be it natural or synthetic always gives that panache to your hairdo. If you are someone who is very picky about how your hair looks, but do not want to spend a large amount of money on hair extension you can resort to a few tricks. Synthetic hair is way cheaper than those amazing human hair extensions, but it doesn’t look natural and stands out when you clip it on to your head. However, if you use these five tips, you can give your hair extension a natural look –

1. Buy Hair Extension That Is Similar To Your Natural Hair

The best way to ensure that your hair extension doesn’t look fake is to go for one that looks exactly like your natural hair. The extension should have the same colour and texture as your natural hair. This will help it from standing out when you use it in your head.

2. Get Waves On Your Extension

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If you have naturally wavy hair, you will not be able to use those poker straight hair extensions on your head. It will look completely unnatural and people will know. In that case, you can always create waves on your extensions. Wet the hair extension and then place rollers on them. Keep it over night and then brush them properly to create even, smooth, natural-looking waves.

3. Get Curls If You Are Naturally Curly

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Curly hair can be tricky. If you want to increase the volume of your curly hair with hair extensions do not buy the curly variety to find in the store. The curls will not match those on your natural hair. You can buy the poker straight extensions and then ask your stylist to clip them on and then curl them up. This way you can play with the curls to create more volume and texture.

4. Make Your Natural Hair Look Like The Hair On The Extension

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If you have long straight hair, you can easily wear those hair extensions. To make it look more authentic, you can add serum to add sheen to your hair. Synthetic hair has a shiny texture and there are many styling products that will help you get that texture on your natural hair. You can also use flat iron to make your natural hair as straight as the false hair you will wear.

5. Use Artificial Strands Of Hair

Instead of using a hair weft it looks more authentic if you use hair strands sporadically on your head. This way you can add volume where you want and not make it look artificial. Use clip on strands to add volume on the base or the crown of the head as you want. Style the strand to match your natural hair.

Human hair extensions can be very expensive, more so if you want long extensions. If you use these tips you can make use the synthetic hair extensions and still make it look natural.


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