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You’ve been long awaited this very night. It’s the evening of prom, and you’re ready to get all dazzled up from head to toe. Your makeup is top notch and totally glam. Your prom dress looks like something that you could only capture on the hottest celebrities as they walk down the red carpet, but what about your hair? Is it flat? Unplanned, or worse… Unruly? Doesn’t it seem that bad hair days always welcome themselves into our lives at the absolute worst times ever. It’s a total, “FML” moment! Unfortunately, we all have them… Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be on prom day, and you should actually do everything in your absolute power not to have difficult and unruly hair on the day of your prom. Why? Well, hello! Your hair is totally a huge part of your look and complete fashion! Here are the top five hairstyle trends from prom updos, to buns, curls and more. Oooh la la!

Top Of The Morning To Ya: Top Knot Prom Updos

Top knots are simple and chic, and totally easy to achieve, and you don’t really need long locks to achieve the look. Pull your hair into a ponytail and separate it into two pieces. Wrap one piece around the other and clip, and do the same for the other piece. You have now created a top knot… A knot on the top of your head. Although this sounds simple, it’s simply chic! Don’t underestimate the power of this badboy. Plus, you can always leave some strands down to frame your face and create some curls to achieve a more formal look.

Put a Sock In It

Honestly. Put a sock in your hair. This brings tons of options for prom updos! You’ve heard of a sock bun, right? Of course,  you have…. Unless you live under a rock. Honestly. Sock buns have been the hottest hairstyle for the latest year and have been spotted on everyone from your favourite singer, to the world’s best actress, to your mom and your baby sister. I kid you not. Sock buns are thriving little suckers, and I don’t blame this trend because it’s so easy to do. All you need is a sock. Cut off the toes. Roll it into a donut. Put it over your ponytail and roll and tuck your hair under it until you have a bun. I kid you not. It’s that easy. You can make it messy with some looser strands, or fine and taut with precision and a comb. Even if you don’t choose these updos for prom, totally try this one on a normal day. You’ll love it.

the sock bun

Long Like Rapunzel

Okay, maybe not quite like Rapunzel, but since the majority of prom updos keep your hair up (obviously… Hence the name “updos”…), I decided that we all need a hair option that doesn’t consist of some kind of updos for prom. Not all of us want our hair in a bun, right? Some of us plan on whipping our hair back and forth on the dance floor. No? That’s just me? Well, that’s awkward! Whipping it like Willow Smith or not, one of the updos for prom is still technically “up’, but that still allows your hair to flow naturally. Create some curls and pull your strands to the side to create a low, luscious and loose side ponytail. This is simple to do and looks like you walked in straight from the red carpets of Hollywood.

beautiful long hair

Short Hair Don’t Care

I understand that we don’t all have long hair, so I need to cater to the ladies that like to keep it short when it comes to their locks and prom updos. Clips, accessories and product. You don’t want to look like you do when you go to school every day. After all, it’s prom! You want to look fabulous, so pick out some glam clips and hair accessories to style your hair into something fabulous. Honestly, if I had short hair, I would just get a stunning crown and rock it. No need for prom updos when you have stunning hair that is shining from across the room.

beautiful short hair

Braid it Bad

This is the last prom updos category that I’m going to talk about, and it’s because I think I pretty much have all hair styles covered now, especially with this one. Braids are always trending, and everyone can pull them off. Whether you have short hair and braid your bangs back and curl the tips, or long hair that is pulled into a side fishtail braid, these little twists of your strands can turn a bad hair day into a stunning saver.
prom updos

Want to know the best part about these updos for prom? You can do them all from home while still looking like you went to the city’s top salon.


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