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Listen, tutu prom dresses aren’t just an indulgence for the cute 5 year old girls of this world. Thank gawd, right? Some of the most cute and adorable styles of prom dresses are tutu ones, and let me just tell you, when I stumble across the tutu dresses in the little girls section of stores, I kind of wish I had a secret power to make all of those dresses my size. Luckily, I can do that… less the superpowers because tutu prom dresses are haute to trot this year. Yeah! No need to live vicariously through my little cute cousins and their barbie dolls with adorable gowns and tutu/ballerina dresses. This prom season, we can all become that life size Barbie that we all know has a fabulously stunning wardrobe to die for. Indulge in tutu prom dresses and twirl your prom night away!

Perfectly Princess

Sherri Hill Dresstutu prom dresses

This is totally a cute, girly prom dress that is fit for a princess! I adore it and well, what girl doesn’t enjoy something frilly, pink and sparkly, right? This dress reminds me of a ballerina princess heading to the ball in a fairytale. OKay, a little cheesy? Let’s roll with it because it’s honestly exactly what I think about when I see this style. It’s just so fabulously girly and for the feminine ladies out there, you know that this is a total treat that you’ll love to indulge into! You’ll totally look like a princess for prom night, and hello… not to mention that you’ll look like a total and complete babe!

Subtle and Sweet

Short Strapless Beaded Dress with Tulle Skirttutu prom dresses

Not everyone likes to go loud with their tutu prom dresses, and hey, that’s totally fine and fashionable too! You can enjoy a fabulously subtle and sweet dress that has that tutu you love without the “holy crap thats a giant tutu” appeal. Just because the tutu look is uber hot this season doesn’t mean that you have to rock something that isn’t you. Plus, you look best when you’re comfortable and confident, so indulge in the tutu prom dresses trend, but stick to something that accents your style and sweetness.

Frills And Fluff

Sherri Hill Dresstutu prom dresses

Jovani Short and Cocktail Dresstutu prom dresses

On the contrary to the previous, you can also go totally big and frilly, fluffy, frilliliciously fabulously fab! Ooh, can you tell that I genuinely enjoy these tutu prom dresses? Now, what I really enjoy about these styles and that you totally will appreciate as well, is that the tutu is less ballerina and more lengthy. Confused? Well, let’s just say that this dress style doesn’t jut out 2 feet with tutu. Instead, it has layers of fabulous frills from the waist down. It adds a stunning silhouette too!

Sherri Hill Dresstutu prom dresses

Extravagantly Eccentric And Elegant

Jovani Short and Cocktail Dresstutu prom dresses

Jovani Short and Cocktail Dresstutu prom dresses

All three words that you want to enjoy on your prom night, right? Extravagance. Eccentricity. Elegance. This is obviously a style for you ladies wanting to be the classy babe that you are that should be walking red carpets in Hollywood. You can find stunning contrasts in colours with bedazzled sparkles, and jewels that will honestly turn you into the Queen. Forget looking like a Princess. You will head straight to the top of royalty with this kind of style.

Lovely Look Of Length

A-line Strapless Hand-Made Flower Sleeveless Floor-length Taffeta Green Bridesmaid Dress / Prom Dress / Evening Dresstutu prom dresses

People often think that gowns are a little too gaudy for prom, but hello ladies, you are going to prom. Prom! P-R-O-M! The biggest, most gaudy and royal night of your life and you should totally go out on a high note, especially when it comes to your dress style! Of course, some long lengthened tutu dresses can look like a bridesmaid dress gone wrong but as long as you keep your style on point and choose one that totally pulls at your heartstrings, you’ll absolutely pick a cute dress that will have everyone admiring the Cinderella at the ball… Which is you, silly!

Prom tutu dresses come in such a variety of styles that you can truly find the perfect style that is fit just for you.


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