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This is another fabulous guest post by B. Lyttle is a homemaker and a freelance writer. She loves writing on fashion, weddings, relationships, home improvement and beauty related topics. In her free time, she likes to go on long drives, watch rom-coms, and spend time with her 5-year old son, Jack and her husband.

Women spend so much time on their outward appearance but mostly ignore their inner ones. This isn’t some deep philosophical statement but quite a literal one. As a woman, you spend so much time and money on getting the right shoes, tops and bottoms but most women are careless about their innerwear. Statistics show that most women wear plus size bras that don’t fit them and are not even aware of it.

Black Semi-Sheer Lace Two-Piece Acrylic Woman's Bra Set

Here, you will find out everything you need to know about choosing the perfect bra. The following points will be pretty helpful –

1. Get The Correct Measurement – The best way to go about this is to walk into a lingerie store and let a specialist take the measurement. There are many technicalities associated with measuring properly, which is why most people get it wrong when they do it at home. You have to have the right back support, cup size, strap adjustments et al to have the right fitting. Every style and fabric comes with different fittings for you, which is why you must get an expert opinion.

A small tip – while you get the measurements done, make sure that your breasts are nestled nicely in the cups and are comfortably covered before you do the straps and the adjustments. This makes the measurement more accurate and the fitting better.

2. Choose The Right Style – Before you go into the fashion territory, you have to know the basics. There are the following types of styles –

Cherry Blossom Beauty Demi Bra

· Balcony Cup – Works best for full breasts that require support from the lower side.

Abounding Beauty Bustier Bra in Rose

· Plunge Bra – This bra works well for breasts that are smaller. It gives a fuller look to your breasts by creating a four way push (from the bottom and from the sides)

Be At Ease Demi Bra

· Others – Other styles include the quarter cup that is strictly romantic bedroom lingerie. Then there are half cups, third cups that you can try on and decide accordingly.

Pretty With a Purpose Push-Up Bra

3. To Wire or Not to Wire – Wiring is necessary for anyone above a B cup because they add the necessary support and shape. Yes, many talks about the dangers of wearing wired bras make rounds but they are pointless. However, if you are an A or B cup, you can easily get away without the wire.

Moving Comfort Women's Alexis Printed Sports Bra

4. What Is The Purpose? – Where are you going to wear your bra to? Is it for the gym or for an evening ball? You must know about the purpose of your bra and then decide on the style. Sports bras work best for the gym and other outdoor physical activities whereas you would need something delicate and pretty for the bedroom.

The colors and styles are pretty easy to work out once you get the basics right. The rule of always carrying a well fitted white and black bra should never be forgotten. Invest in quality lingerie because it always pays back many times more.


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