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I am a serious colorful high heels shoe addict. I’m not sure if you have noticed this yet, but when it comes to high heels, I am la-la-loving life on a pedestal. You want to know what’s even better than having a few pairs of fabulous heels? Well, when you can get them for under $100, so you can have a full collection of all sorts of colorful high heels, bright heels, high ones, low ones, some that shine and some that sparkle. The more the merrier, right? Yeah, that line doesn’t work on my parents either when I spend all of my allowance on a bunch of heels. It’s so worth it though. Just think, if you have all the colourful high heels that your heart could ever dream of, you never have to be startled with the awful, “What shoes do I wear?” again. Well, you will still probably ask yourself that because you’ll have so many fabulously bright heels to choose from, but you definitely won’t ever have to settle for a pair because you didn’t have the style you desired. It’s fabulous.

Here are the top 5 colourful high heels that I think every girl needs on her shoe rock to make her teenage years super fab! Oh, and if you’re wondering where in the world do I purchase my beautiful heels for under $100, you seriously need to start shopping at Shoebuy.com!

Barbie Pink

Pleaser Delight 687 (Women's) - Hot Pink Patent

From ShoeBuy.com

I am well aware that this colourful high heel that is rather vibrant and eccentric, and it’s say to say that Barbie Pink wouldn’t compliment every single outfit  within your wardrobe, but it’s certainly one of those bright heels that will totally save the day on more than one attire catastrophe, so don’t cut the idea loose just yet! Plus, is there anything more feminine than a hot pink, Barbie inspired pump? Never!

Perfect and Purple

Michael Antonio Anderson Glitter (Women's) - Magenta Polyurethane

From ShoeBuy.com

Everyone knows that pink and purple are the two colours that girls love, right? So it only makes sense that the bright heel colour of purple made it into this list of the best colourful high heels that every female needs! Purple comes is so many different hues too, which brings a lot of variety to this one! Plum, or pastel, Periwinkle or Persian, purple pumps will totally complete your colourful high heels collection! The options are certainly endless when you’re rocking a purple pair!

Fierce and Feisty Red

Pleaser Delight 687 (Women's) - Red Patent

From ShoeBuy.com

There is something so sexy, sassy, feisty and fierce about a fabulously bright red pair of heels, isn’t there? More importantly, these things are super versatile. You can rock this bright heel tone with a professional and classic attire, or with an LBD for a hot night out in the city. You can even pair red pumps with denim and a sweater. Red is probably one of the only colours that isn’t neutral, yet versatile as if it was. Who ever said blacks, browns and whites were the ultimate go-to pieces for everything? Hello red!

Highest Heel Brazil (Women's) - Red Patent

From ShoeBuy.com

Sparkle and Shine Glam

Paris Hilton Destiny (Women's) - Cork

From ShoeBuy.com

Ellie Jane-G-421 (Women's) - Gold Glitter

From ShoeBuy.com

Honestly ladies, we all need a little sparkle and glam on our feet from time to time. Plus, this bright heel will light up the dance floor, or accommodate you down the red carpet at your high school prom. You’d be surprised how often sparkling high heels will be used in your wardrobe! Contrary to popular belief, this colourful high heel will totally make more than one appearance.

Vibrantly Yellow

Highest Heel Hottie (Women's) - Yellow Patent Mix

From ShoeBuy.com

Nina Electra (Women's) - Canary Luster Satin

From ShoeBuy.com

Oh, we all need some sunshine in our life, right? Yellow is a hue that is perfect for spring flowers, fall leaves, summer beaches and winter walks. It can never hurt to rock a pop of colour. I actually just wore a pair of yellow pumps with an LBD to a wedding, and you’d be surprised at how fabulous it was together.

With shoes for less than $100, you can fulfill your colourful high heel desires at Shoebuy.com!


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