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Vintage is a super trendy ok, and it’s thriving more in fashion than it ever has before. Now, you may be like me and have been wondering why everyone is going crazy for second hand items because let’s be honest here, it sounds a little ridiculous, right? Well, that’s where the confusion lies. Vintage clothing is not just ordinary hand-me-downs. It’s a lot more than just clothing that has been used before, and thank gawd because could you imagine if all and I mean all, previously owned clothing was considered fabulously vintage? Ew! I don’t even want to imagine the style that would walk down the streets. Scary. That’s all I have to say. Vintage, on the other hand, is completely different. It’s about clothing that has been brought into the current fashion world from a different era, and although vintage clothing is often second hand, you can find some fabulous new pieces as well. So, now that you have the nitty gritty on this fabulous fashion that has been carrying it’s way on through outfits and outfits, aren’t you curious to know all about vintage prom dresses? Hey! Prom is right around the corner! It’s time to get on it, girlie!

To the Hop Dress

Pink Grapefruit Martini Dress

Draped Darling Dress

Worn, Not Dirty

Here is the trick of the trade. Vintage does not mean used, dirty, old, worn, or torn, and just because you stumble across something that is any of those, does not mean that it’s a hot vintage item. Please. Let’s get real here. Dirty is not trendy now, and it wasn’t trendy then! Although vintage clothing does have a certain older appeal, you shouldn’t look like the Paperbag princess, or a homeless bum. You should still look like the style queen that you are, only you’ll be wearing fashion history that tells a story. It’s truly a magnificent concept, isn’t it? Plus, if you purchase vintage prom dresses, chances are that you don’t have to even remotely worry about someone having the same dress as you. What are the chances that you, and some other girl at your school are going to find the same dress from a different era? Beyond unlikely, right? The options are endless, and you can go with modest prom dresses, or something super eccentric and daring.

Vintage Bubble Hem Cocktail Dress

Velveteen Goldmine Dress

Replica Vintage Prom Dresses

Replica vintage prom dresses are essentially fake vintage items, but no one likes the “F” word, so I’m simply not going to use it. Since vintage inspired fashions are so haute and have been thriving with today’s style, you have the option of buying replica vintage items. These would include everything from distressed jeans, to rough modest prom dresses. It has the appearance of being old and full of stylish history, without the age.

Swan Dance Dress

Shimmer and Shade Dress

Fizzy Drinks Dress

Make It

Okay, so you can always “make” a vintage look, but in no way, shape or form am I about to tell you to go purchase some dresses, only to devour them with tools and bleaches, scissors and knives. Honestly. I probably shouldn’t have even just written that. Don’t do it. It’s an option though…. But still… Don’t do it. I know. I’m confusing you. Just know that you have the potential to make vintage inspired modest prom dresses…. But actually never do it.

Can you believe that our fashion will one day be considered vintage? And Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj will one day be our ‘oldies’. It’s a crazy concept, isn’t it? I can only hope that they love our fashion and music sense then, as much as we do now! Vintage is haute, and one way to truly look like the babe of the ball is with vintage prom dresses that may have been someone else’s first kiss dress, and prom queen attire. Add your prom experience into vintage prom dresses that are already full of history…. Well, unless you’re going to go with a dress that replicates the vintage appeal.


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