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This is a guest post by Brenda Lyttle. She is a friend and is a passionate homemaker and writer. She loves writing on weddings, relationships, home improvement and beauty related topics. In her free time, she likes to go on long drives, watch rom-coms, and spend time with her 5-year old son, Jack and her husband.


No one wants to rush through their wedding. It is this one thing that you have dreamed of all your life and you want it to be perfect in every sense. Also, since your wedding ends up emptying your pockets anyways, why not do something that would be remembered for the time to come.

Making a personal statement of style is the in thing this year and as the wedding season approaches, this seems to be trending even more than usual, especially in wedding invitations. Custom wedding invitations are not only sophisticated but also traditional and elegant, in a way. The following wedding invitation trends are sure to be the biggest ones for 2013.

Fiona Wedding Invitations

Fiona Wedding Invitations

1. Do It Yourself Invitations

The main advantage of the DIY invitations is not the amount of money you will save but the personal touch you will add to your wedding. There are many different styles of paper with various colors and styles for you to choose from. Your wedding invitation would look totally different from everyone else and your quality would be top notch at a relatively lower budget. Choose a theme and unleash your creativity!

2. Metal Invitations

It is all about innovation this year and couples are experimenting with the material. Wood seems to be an all-time favorite but sheet metal and cloth are making an appearance as well. This is extremely creative and has a huge scope of innovative ideas to be used. You will surely get a special place in the memory of your guests with your wedding invite and who knows, you might even star a trend.

3. Pretty Envelopes For Invitations

It’s not just the invite that’s getting the attention this year but also the beautiful envelopes. Gone are the days when envelopes were drab and artless, this is a time when you can go creative with this as well. There are a multitude of designs to choose from while designing your wedding invite envelope. Go bold with flamboyant colors and designs, or subtle with delicate borders, just make sure it’s stylish.

4. Origami Invitations

Origami is really big this year and it’s high time that it was. This wonderful art has remained underexploited for so long and there is such an amazing amount of creativity and innovation in it. There are many origami clubs and more are popping up at places. This is one wedding invite that your guests would want to save for nostalgia and beauty’s sake.

5. Bling Invitations

Are you one of those people who like bold and bling? Then this is the right invitation style for you. Pearls and stones on your wedding invite give it a royal and peppy look which is sure to dazzle your guests when they receive it.

Whitney Wedding Invitations

Whitney Wedding Invitations

The usual trends of bold colors and ornate floral patterns remain unchanged since last year. If you have some time, you can take the traditional and give it a nice makeover, leaving your guests clapping at your creative mind.


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