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This is another guest post by Brenda Lyttle. She is a friend and is a passionate homemaker and writer. She loves writing on weddings, relationships, home improvement and beauty related topics. In her free time, she likes to go on long drives, watch rom-coms, and spend time with her 5-year old son, Jack and her husband.


Skin problems have a tendency to be much worse than what most people perceive them to be. Not only do skin problems lead to cosmetic outbursts and other complaints regarding fashion and styling in teenagers they also have a deep lying psychological effect on them. In extreme cases, it might turn out to be something like chronic depression followed by attempted suicides and other similar cases.

This is why it is important to tackle the skin problems in teenagers and this necessitates the presence of the knowledge of the various skin problems that usually occur. Both the teenager and their parent must be aware of the same and take necessary precautions for its treatment.  Here are 2 common skin problems every teenager must be aware of:


 1.     Acne Problems

 Acnes are thought to be the most common skin problem that most teenagers in America suffer from today and this has led many to believe that it is one of the most natural skin problems that occur as a side effect of the process of puberty. While the relationship with puberty is quite true, there is no point in denying the fact is that acne problems can be easily taken care of and avoided if the teenager and their parents take proper care.

Dermatologists and other experts of the various skincare products in market are of the opinion that a carefully implemented skincare regime since the early ages of childhood can go a long way in ensuring that the problem of acne doesn’t surface during the puberty age of the teenager. This along with ensuring that you have strict hands off policy for your kid will keep the acne problems at bay. Ensure that you are not neglecting the problem of acne when it starts to appear on a small scale.

 2.     Warts Problems

 While most skin problems for teenagers tend to occur in and around the facial region, the problem of warts tends to surface on the hands and feet of the affected person. When someone is suffering from warts, there will be noticeable presence of lumps and bumps, dark in color on the palm, beneath the fingernails and on the feet of the affected person. A tip for parents, if you notice that your child tends to shove his hands in his pocket at every chance he gets, he might be hiding the fact that he is suffering from warts.

Treatment for warts is quite commonly found and you have nothing to worry owing to the fact that most over the counter available creams will be more than capable of handling the problem. Many professionals also recommend a laser therapy to burn off the warts in case the problem has gone beyond the stage where it can be contained and cured by creams.

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