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You probably already assumed that I have a serious shopping addiction, and well, I can’t deny it…. it’s true, and that’s exactly why I’m going to give you a list of the top 10 online clothing stores today, because every true fashionista knows that you can get fabulous deals online and über chic and unique style pieces that you won’t see everyone else walking down your school hallway in. Plus, online typically means affordable, and if I haven’t mentioned it enough, our parents don’t give us a large enough allowance. Hello mom and dad…. I have an addiction to support! So without further ado, here is my list of places to shop online that can fit within your budget… or lack of, thanks to the parentals. Ugh. So annoying, isn’t it?



Although this is the last one on this fabulous list, don’t underestimate it. The stuff on this site is wildly amazing and is perfect for everything. The site is a little bit different than what you normally see with fashion sites as it has a focus on gifts and toys. It definitely gives a very retro feel to it. Not only that, it gives you a distraction while your english teacher is blabbing on and on!

Cool Retro Gifts and Decor from RetroPlanet.com


Perfect for summer! It is the leading online shop for trendy designer beachwear right now. Beach Fashion Shop has everything from Bikinis, to light tops, to skirts, all the stuff to make sure that your fashion isn’t sacrificed during summer break, or any break within the school year that we are so anxiously awaiting.

Lifestyle Bikinis - Beachwear - Swimsuites -Tunics


8. MILANOO.com

Milanoo similar to Modcloth in that it has amazing styles at unbelievably low prices. Two things that are all love combined! The difference is it also caters to the higher end of clothing and accessories and the crazy and whacky! By that I mean Halloween, cosplay outfits and pretty much anything else you could think of. On a personal note, I get most of my clothes from here 🙂



Modcloth is where you get your stables, your basics, and it is likely you have already shopped there yourself. It’s perfect for all kinds of styles that are working on a teenager budget. You can shop for an attire that will allow you to strut your stuff at school, or something for a date night with the boyfriend. Options and variety are all here at this one place!




It is a basic site, which makes it really easy to navigate through. More importantly it has every fragrance you could ever think of. The way you smell is just as important as what you’re wearing, in my opinion. Walk past a guy looking fabulous, catch their eye, all going great until they catch a whiff and it’s game over! This website offers all kinds of perfumes, brands and prices!

FragranceX.com - Up to 80% off perfume and cologne



OK so, it may seem a little weird to be in this list, if not only because of it’s name. But adorable socks are a part of fashion that you shouldn’t have to skip out on. Plus, you have to take your shoes off the majority of the day, so why not make sure that you’re fashion is one point, head to toe!

Happy Socks logo


4. CACHE.com

Caché.com is a little more expensive, but if the parentals gave you a little extra spending cash for a special evening, this is certainly a store that you want to get that special outfit at. And you Definitely get what you pay for! It’s certainly one of the top 10 online clothing stores of today because it offers more formal attire that is perfect for date night with the boyfriend, or a Sex in the City night out with the girls.



3. THEBAY.com

This site is totally worth indulging in because you can get affordable clothing, as well as access to celebrity clothing lines such as Jessica Simpson and Madonna’s Material Girl… two personal favourite places to shop online. Plus, you can get everything from clothing to accessories, technology and school stuff. It’s totally rad.



Nastygal is certainly one of my favourite on the list of top 10 online clothing stores. It’s for the ladies that don’t want to dress all generic and uninteresting, and that would much rather thrive on couture style without the couture pricing! You will never have to worry about showing up to school rocking the same outfit as someone else when heading here for places to shop online because the options are endless and so unique.


1. JUSTFAB.com

This is unquestionably deserving of the number one spot on my top 10 online clothing stores list, even though technically it’s not clothing, but they do have some clothing items. Confused? Okay, let me explain! This site is all about shoes specific to your style, all for $39.95. Sounds allowance-proof, right? Well, you can sign up for a V.I.P membership which means that you get access to fabulous deals such as buy 1, get 1 free. How bomb does 2 pairs of shoes for $39.95 sound? Plus, they have specials that come on for clothes that are super trendy at the time. Love it, and so will you!

JustFab.com logo


I hope you got something out of and enjoyed Prom Mafia’s List of Top 10 Clothing Stores Online of today. Send in your favs as well if they’re not on the list 🙂

<3 QueenBee


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