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Alright, so the holiday season is right around the corner, and you probably already spend the majority of your days dressing your boyfriend, so I’m going to give you some gift ideas for your guy, so he doesn’t opt for the expired boxers and a rugged old tee shirt on a daily basis. After all, if your boyfriend only has extraordinary things to pick out of his closet, rest be assured that he’ll never look as awful as he tends to, within his clothing. You truly don’t even need an excuse to want to dress your boyfriend better, other than him completely sucking at dressing himself, but a “Here’s your Christmas gifts” is a much kinder option of letting him know that his fashion is a tad off key. It’s like boys just missed the, “How to dress yourself” portion of grade 1. Honestly. There are times when I catch my boyfriend or best guy friend pulling things out of the closet that I would only find in a costume store. It’s ridiculous, but reality! Boys simply suck as dressing. Well, at least the majority of them do! Whether you’re dressing your boyfriend or wanting to get him to start doing it himself, here is the ultimate guide to gift ideas for your boyfriend when it comes to fashion.

Men and Boxers…

Nintendo 1up Boxer Shorts

This is unquestionably point number one for gift ideas for your boyfriend. Why, you ask? Because boys apparently think that boxers, briefs, undies, panties, undergotchies, knickers or whatever you want to call them don’t have an expiry date. False. Wrong. No way. What is wrong with you, boyfriend? Surely those words have come out of your mouth when dressing your boyfriend. Did you wear these fruit-of-looms seven years ago, is also a question that is frequently asked. If they’re faded, have rips, holes or anything obscene, they need to go. Boys don’t seem to grasp this concept, so buying them new pairs of knickers may be the ultimate push to have them looking nicer and smelling better too!

Nintendo Mario How To Score A Princess Boxers

Your Style

Are you confused by reading that subtitle? Don’t worry because you’re totally going to love this point of gift ideas for your boyfriend. Think about what you absolutely love to see your boyfriend wearing, and if you could put him in whatever you desire when dressing your boyfriend, what would it be? For me, I love my boyfriend in athletic pants, a hoody and a nice fitted cap, so instead of going out and buying him clothes that I’d rather not see my boyfriend in, such as collared shirts, I’ll go and get him new hoodies, track pants, caps and such. It’s a win, win, right? You get to continue dressing your boyfriend, but specific to your taste!

My Chemical Romance The Black Parade Full Zipper Hooded Sweatshirt

His Taste

Of course, if you buy your boyfriend fitted caps when you know that he hates hats, this may not be the best gift ideas for your boyfriend, so always keep his style and taste in mind when dressing your boyfriend, or shopping for items in order for you to do so. If he enjoys rocking tee shirts, get some fashionable ones that you would like to see him in, such as v-necks. If he likes denim, splurge a little and get him some brand name.

Rise Against Target T-Shirt

Now, your holiday shopping is all ready for you to tackle with these gift ideas for your boyfriend, or for dressing your boyfriend, rather. With clean boxers, clothes that he loves and you love to see him in, you’re about to definitely make a stunning statement!


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  1. They boys don’t think they need us but they do! And they NEED fresh underwear. What usually works for me is I buy him fresh, clean underwear and also let him pick out what underwear he wants me to wear. Everyone’s happy!

  2. Thanks Michelle! You know it

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