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New Bevel Rhinestone Bow Boots Women's Knee-high Suede Winter Warm Cotton boots
Booty, booty, booty, booty, rocking every where! Get your mind out of the gutter, ladies. I’m not talking about your booty, but rather booties! You know… those cute adorable booty styles that you put on your feet to make them look fashionably fabulous? Okay, so I know that I’ve already written tons of times about boots, but it’s because I clearly have an addition and they’re the perfect footwear for school, after school and weekends. I mean, you honestly can’t go wrong with then, right? As long as you have a few pairs in your wardrobe, you’re certainly never at a loss of, “I don’t have any shoes to wear!” and we’ve all been there before, but not anymore! Here is why I love boots and you need to jump on this bandwagon if you haven’t already.

Very Versatile

Fashion New Feminine Knee-high Snow Boots Fluffy Ball Hairy Suede Lovely Boots

This subheading pretty much sums it up, doesn’t it? As I said, I wear my booties to school, after school, weekend errands, weekend parties, holidays and every where else that you could possible imagine. I also where my boots with denim, dresses, and even tights and my Celtic skirt which I have to wear for my school uniform. And let’s get serious here… we all know how horrendous school uniforms can be, right? Well, when you pair them with a great pair of boots, you take that mandatory lack of style to extreme fashion. I mean seriously…. your school hallway is about to be made your runway.

Budget Buddy

Vintage Fringed Boots Cross Strap Platform High-top Ankle PU Leather Boots

Okay, so our allowance sucks, and even if you do have a part time job outside of school, minimum wage doesn’t necessarily let you indulge in the high designers of fashion, right? Well, this is another reason why I love boots. You can get inexpensive ones that aren’t cheap. Confused? Cheap is quality, inexpensive is the price. As long as the quality isn’t cheap, you will certainly get your money’s worth. Heck! I recently got 6 pairs of boots for $200, and although that may seem high, that’s only approximately $30 a pair. Not bad is it? Nope!

Ever Lasting

Roman Peep-toe Cool Boots Platform PU Leather Canvas High-heeled High Top Ankle Boots

Mmmmmhmmm! Boots are ever lasting within the fashion world. Has there ever been a season where boots are not recommended as the top fashion item? Probably not. I mean, even in the summer time, you can come across some amazing boots with peep toes, or gladiator styles. It’s just a fashion item that will never leave the scene, and I love it, and so should you.
Women's Sexy Round-Toe Patchwork Suede PU Leather Slim High-Heel Mid-Calf Boots Knight Boots

Is the boot obsession a new thing within your wardrobe or have you always found yourself in love with what this fabulous kind of footwear can bring to your ensembles? I have plenty of pairs in my closet, and as much as I would love to pick a style, I can’t – but do you have a favourite style? Do you rock them to school and everywhere else in between? I want to know about you! So let me know down in the comment section below about your bootyful love!


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