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There are so many people on the internet that are totally and completely fabulous (don’t get me wrong), but the hauls are always random, and sporadic, almost never specific to a holiday. Maybe you’ll find a Fall Haul, or a Back To School Haul, but what about the ever-so-fabulous world of a holiday haul? It seems that it just never gets done, and if it does, it’s full of a lot more than what I even care to hear about. Hey! You can call me the high school grinch all you want but I’m just being honest! I want to know about your fashion holiday haul, not about the garland you purchased for your front hallway. Seriously. Plus… isn’t that what our parentals are for? So instead of making my fellow teen fashionistas (You) listen to things that absolutely have no importance to you, this is going to be the one stop shop for everything that you need. Let me welcome to you, (with high spirits if I must add) the one haul that will not disappoint. Goodbye garland, this is a holiday haul that people are actually curious to know about.

together®/MD Faux Fur Jacket

Bundle Up: Accessory Style

Heading Downtown GlovesHonestly, I could go mitt, hat and glove happy…. well, I actually did go mitt, hat and glove happy. There is something so cozy and warm about these fashion accessories, and they come in so many unique styles! I have faux fur ones, leather ones, pleather ones, some that sparkle, some that shine, some that are plain and some that are fine…. and apparently I rhyme. Weird. Treat yourself though, and don’t think that one is enough. One is never enough when it comes to fashion!

Snuggly Surprise Hat in Grey

Get Jacket Happy 🙂

Let’s take a blast to the past when our parents used to stuff us in horrendous Winter jackets that would thoroughly restrict our movements and completely demolish our sense of style. Why would we ever want to do that? Well, so we can appreciate that we never, ever have to do that again. Plus…. your parents certainly shouldn’t be still dressing you. Can you say, awkward? On a serious note though, jackets are such a treat and with trends bringing new styles each and every week, you certainly can’t go wrong. I’ve indulged in everything from a black pea coat which is always an essential, to a pea green fall jacket, fur trimmed winter hooded jacket and even a bomber jacket with studs and accents that can make a fashionista flawless. It’s totally mandatory that you have a variety of jackets because you’re about to enter a season in which you spend a lot of time in them, so might as well provide yourself with some fashionable options, right?

Trim and Vigor Jacket

Gift From Grandma

Okay, I don’t know if this is even allowed in a holiday haul since I didn’t technically purchase it, but it’s my holiday haul so I can bend the rules a bit, right? Plus, I did have to go on a serious endeavor to find this item, so it kind of counts as shopping! This is the only holiday season where you can get away with wearing horrific fashion items… stylishly. Are you confused and wondering why you would ever want to do so? Well, to spread the holiday cheer and make your little ole’ granny happy. That googly-eyed Santa Claus sweater your nan knitted you last Christmas totally needs to make an appearance this year. The more horrendous the sweater, the more fabulous it becomes. It’s like… backwards season when it comes to appealing fashion. It’s weird, I know, but it’s so fun to indulge in!

Poppy By For A Visit Sweater

It’s definitely safe to say that you can get away with certain fashions around this holiday season that wouldn’t be acceptable to rock any other time of the year. Hey! It’s not all bitter sweet. At least we can get away with random indulgences that we secretly and totally adore, right? And it makes people happy! Just imagine the look on your Grandma’s face when she sees you rocking her handmade Christmas sweater that she gave to you last year with a great pair of denim and knee highs?


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