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Vintage Carry a Tune Clutch

Betsey Johnson Love to Shop Bag
It seems like for as long as I can remember, handbags were all about going big, or going home. If your handbag couldn’t fit your whole entire life in it, literally, it simply wasn’t large enough to be trendy and fabulous. However, when it comes to handbag trends for this fall and winter of 2012, it’s a total 180! In fact, it’s the exact opposite. If you can fit anything into your handbag other than a lipgloss and your smartphone, than it’s too bulky. Aside from that, it’s time for us ladies to retire the slouchy totes and neon pinks and do the complete opposite. Handbag trends are walking on a new runway this season.


Vintage Take Your Bonbon Handbag

Okay, so I may be going a little overboard and acting overly dramatic, but I’m a teenage girl. What do you expect? I wasn’t kidding though, handbag trends for these upcoming chillier seasons and certainly about being itsy bitsy. I mean, it’s almost safe to say that the handbag trends is clutches because that’s truly the size of what’s hot right now. If you’re like me, you’re probably not totally in love with the newfound size of your favourite brands, so here is a little tip that I use myself: If I can’t fit a water bottle in it, it’s simply not practical! This allows me to indulge in the smaller handbag trends, but actually get some use out of it, as opposed to it just being a one-item makeup bag.


Gold and Sands Handbag

Fields of Goldenrod Bag

Forget the slouch, ladies! Handbag trends are about being strict and proper, firm and with ample posture. As if we don’t have enough strict things (ahem – parents) in our lives already, right? Why not add something else? Although this fine lined trend can seem a little too prissy and pretty for your taste, rest be assured that designers worldwide have allowed the design on the actual handbags to have the edgier aspect, so you can most definitely still have a handbag that is perfect for your style…. As long as your style isn’t slouchy, baggy and lazy.


Vintage Starlight Purse

Happily Ever Oyster Bag

It seems that ever since the London Olympics, designers and our favourite brands have been indulging in the hues of bronzes, silvers and golds, and I’m totally not complaining because these tones usually come with a delightful sparkle and shine that can make black look fresher than white! This is certainly one of the handbag trends that allows you to have fun without your handbag wardrobe!

Handbag trends have seemed to go on a complete new avenue for this fall and winter fashion season. For everything that you knew about handbag trends prior to reading this, forget them! They are no longer the “it” factor. Think opposite! Big was hot, but tiny is now trendy! Slouch handbags were savvy, now strict is stylish! Brights were brilliant, but now metallics are majestic. If I could give this season’s handbag trends a theme, it’d certainly be, “Opposite to everything you knew before!”


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