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You could certainly type in “hairstyle tips” into your favorite search engine, and you will have everything come up from perms to mohawks, children and the elderly and everything in between, but why would you even bother with that? Obviously you just want to find hairstyle tips for teenagers. You don’t care about covering up grey hair, or how to make your perm hold throughout the day because you’re nowhere near being close to having those dilemmas. So, I have taken it upon myself to give you all of the best hairstyle tips for teenagers. Nope. These tips aren’t for your mom, little sister or grandma. They are just for you!


Despite what some people think, hair gel is so totally yesterday. The crusty look simply isn’t hot or haute in any way, shape or form. Heck. Can you even buy this stuff anymore? I’m sure you can…. but you shouldn’t. The best hairstyle tip that you will ever receive is to avoid this stuff! Crunchy, crispy and cakey are not chic!


Drop the braid and stick to the twist. The braid has no doubt been trendy for season after season when it comes to hairstyle tips, and although we certainly love this look, it needs a little bit of a break, but don’t worry! If the braided headband or side braid has been your “go to” look, just switch it up for a twist, and you’ll have a similar look, while being on trend. It’s the ultimate alternative for this fall.


Dry shampoo will save your life! Okay, so it might not save your life but this is one of the hairstyle tips that will certainly make a world of a difference in your look. Everyone knows that one of the most important hairstyle tips is to avoid washing your hair every single day, as it will eliminate the oils in your hair that you need in order to keep your strands moist and looking fabulous. Well sometimes, this simply isn’t possible and you need to shower to get your strands looking perfect, right? Not anymore! Dry shampoo is exactly what it says to be… dry shampoo. You don’t need to jump in the shower, or blow dry, style and whatever else just to look fantastic. Spray some of this in and your hair will be looking fresh and clean within minutes. This is the perfect option for those mornings when the snooze button gets pressed one too many times, and you find yourself sprinting towards the door in order to make your first period class on time.

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Of course, it depends on what kind of style you are currently rocking. If you’re doing the Emo-look, a teasing comb and hair straightener are going to be your best friend right now – no matter what. However, if you’re trying to experiment with your long luscious locks, the new, trendy curling wands will be your sidekick. No matter your style though, these hairstyle tips will certainly have your hair looking fabulously fresh and fantastic!

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