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fall fashion boots, equestrian, biker, stiletto
I have a serious obsession with boots. As soon as the outside air starts becoming more brisk and I find myself retiring my tank tops for a cardigan or sweater on a daily basis, I start to feel my footwear fashion sense begin to spark up. After All, it’s been somewhat retired over the past summer months. Of course, I can’t wear fall fashion boots in the summer – that would just look ridiculous and let’s be honest here, flip flops are totally the way to go for the months of June, July and August. However with summer here, I’m ready to take on the fall fashion boots that are making a stomp this year.
fall fashion boots, equestrian, biker, stiletto


Equestrian fall fashion boots are unquestionably the hot to trot item. When you slip your feet into those hot new equestrian fashion boots that you just got, the easiest way to see if it’s a pair you love is by the way they make you feel. If you look as if you’re about to go and ride a horse, jump raise and scream, “Yeehaw!”, you’ve got it! These fashion boots are a total must have in every female’s wardrobe because although they’re a flat boot, there’s usually about an inch heel that adds that pop of feminine, flirty fun that we all desire and can be dressed up if needed! With equestrian fashion boots, you can dress formal or casual, while ensuring that you always look and feel cute and comfortable. It’s an absolute must.


Biker styled fashion boots are also an extreme hit for fall footwear 2012. You don’t need to be a rocker to indulge in this fun trend. Talk a walk on the wild side and opt for a little black booty with some studded accents. This trend is fantastic because there are different doses of the biker inspiration. You can get a full studded super-biker-chick chic knee high fashion boot, or a more subtle little black booty with minimalistic biker details.

fall fashion boots, equestrian, biker, stiletto


Lastly, you need a great stiletto fashion boot, of course. You never know what you’ll need a little boost and now is the season to indulge in sky-high heels. In no time, there will be snow on the ground and wearing heels will become next to impossible unless you have a hidden talent of walking on ice in these bad boys. So indulge now before the weather outside gets frightful.

Whatever style of fashion boot that you decide to rock this fall season, remember that neutral colours will go a long way! Blacks, creams, browns and beiges will keep your wardrobe fresh, and they can be carried throughout seasons, as well as years. When sticking with neutral colours, you can ensure that not only will your fashion boots look fabulous with whatever outfit you choose, but you won’t have to retire them after one season because they’re no longer the “trendy choice”. Neutrals are always hot! Who are we trying to kid? Play around with the footwear trends that you’re loving and see if you can come up with something new and unique to your style. After all, that’s what fashion is all about!

fall fashion boots, equestrian, biker, stiletto


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