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This week further supports my theory that Mona is A. Skinny dipping with the horrid Noel right when Hanna’s boat was tipped? It has to be Mona!  Besides this little reveal in last night’s episode, nothing really got me that excited, especially not the fashion.

What the heck was Aria wearing?

From abcfamily.com

I’m all for fun black dresses, but this looked like some bad 80s getup. Perhaps she should have tried one of these instead.

From dillards.com


From shopnastygal.com

And my favorite look? Definitely Spencer’s tan blazer by Trouve.

From abcfamily.com


From nordstrom.com

Sorry to be the bearer of bad new, but this blazer is sold out. 🙁  Instead try one of these:

From modcloth.com


From asos.com

What did you think of the fashion in this week’s episode?


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  1. I know you don’t like arias outfit in this episode, but I am in LOVE with it! Do you have any idea where i could get stockings, top and dress like the ones shown on her in this ep? She’s adroable, as is this outfit.

  2. Hey Alana! You’re right. Just because I don’t like something doesn’t mean others feel the same! Here is the info I could find;
    Dress: Sonia
    Boots: Aldo
    Earrings: Marc Jacobs
    Necklace: Vintage

    Try googling around for them. 🙂

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