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Poor Jess. She didn’t have the best time at the Christmas party in last night’s episode of New Girl. She did give some pretty awesome gifts though. I would love to be on her gift list – roller skates or a mustache would be so much fun!

Despite her terrible night, she looked fabulous in her striped gold strapless dress.

From fox.com

You can get her exact dress by Corey Lynn Carter from Mod Cloth.

From modcloth.com

And her sequin hairband? You can find similar ones on Etsy.

From etsy.com

Love the rendition of “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” at the end? It was Zooey of course! Well, technically it was She and Him. Have another listen here.


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  1. How cute! I love me that sequin headband, and I’m painting some of my clothes metallic gold for the hollidays.
    (btw, her pink coat was by Kate Spade. Suuper pricey, but hot pink mod coats are also available on etsy.
    I should probably also mention that her polka dot shorts from Cece crashes were Marc Jacobs smudge dot terry shorts, her green plaid dress from this episode and the orangey-pink dress from the promos are both from Anthropologie.
    I’m going to be making some similar polka dot shorts myself!

  2. Oooh! Thanks for all the tips! And I’d love if you shared what you make! I’m totally into diy.

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