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Oh how I’ve missed Pretty Little Liars! It was fun to see Alison in an entire episode and to get some insight on the back story. Can you believe Alison was stalked too? I still think Mona is A, but that’s just me.

Anyway, the girls wore some fun costumes. I think Spencer’s Mary Queen of Scots was my favorite.

From abcfamily.com

I hate that it’s a joke that she’s so smart. Smart is sexy, ladies!

From starcostumes.com

Emily went as a sexy Native American, though an innocent sexy Native American.

From abcfamily.com

You can find one of these costumes at any Halloween store for super cheap (unlike Spencer’s!).

From halloweencostumes.com

Hannah went as jail bate Brittany Spears from her Oops, I Did it Again video.

From abcfamily.com

You can easily pull this off with a plaid skirt, white top, and grey cardigan from your closet or for about $30 at Forever 21.

Skirt, top, cardigan from Forever21.com

Sad, gloomy Aria went as a witch and I have to say, her costume was pretty boring. The costume department could have done a lot more with the details. Agree, disagree?

From abcfamily.com

Wouldn’t this witch costume have been much more fitting of her style?

From costumeexpress.com

Alison went as Lady Gaga, which I’m sure was a bit more original a few years ago when the flashback was taking place.

From abcfamily.com

To pull this off, pick up a faux leather studded jacket like this.

From yesstyle.com

And of course you will need the bleach blonde wig.

From ultrad.com

And finally, the other Lady Gaga, Jenna. It was pretty clear that Jenna and Alison were never going to get along.

From abcfamily.com

For this red riding hood Lady Gaga look, pair a red leotard with a red headscarf.

Leotard from American Apparel, Headscarf from Amazon.com

Which look was your favorite from last night’s episode?


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