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I was volunteering at the local Humane Society the other day and, while walking a particularly energetic pup, got into a tug of war with my jacket. Unfortunately, the jacket didn’t make it. With temperatures dropping faster than  LiLo’s self-respect, I’ve got to get another one asap.

[Tangent – there is the CUTEST long hair chihuahua at the Boise location right now. She must have just arrived because she isn’t on their website yet. I don’t know her name, but she’s black and white and super friendly. Loves tummy rubs. She’s very skinny and needs lots of food and lots of love. Go adopt her!] 

For coats, olive green is a great option because it matches well with blacks and browns. And while I’d love a closet full of coats to match all my outfits, that ain’t gonna happen.

From forever21.com

Camel (kahki/tan) is another color that blends well with both blacks and browns. Though I’m looking for a lazy, everyday type coat, I’m tempted by this double breasted cape!

From nordstrom.com

Doesn’t that always happen? You start your shopping trip with a particular item in mind and walk out with something totally different. Plus, you still need to get the original item!


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