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Pretty Little Liars already has enough drama in it. I can’t believe all the new issues they threw in the mix this week!  Poor Emily…She’s not as good of a little liar as the rest of the girls and can’t handle the stress!

As for the fashion, I loved Spencer’s navy dress. It is so girly and nautical!

From abcfamily.com

I am definitely a online shopping junky because I instantly recognized it as a Dear Creatures dress I’d seen on ModCloth!

From modcloth.com

Hanna was a little hottie in her pink zip up dress. She seemed like a 1980s Marilyn Monroe, didn’t she? And who did she think she was fooling with the scarf and sunglasses disguise? She’s hilariously clueless!

From abcfamily.com

You can pick her dress up in pink or purple at Bebe.

From bebe.com"

What was your favorite look from last night’s episode?


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  1. arya’s white dress??!?!?

  2. It was super cute, right? Well Sara, I don’t know the exact brand, but here’s what I think. It’s a plain white tank dress with a poufy skirt. I’m guessing the wardrobe department took a dress just like this: http://www.revolveclothing.com/DisplayProduct.jsp?product=EIGH-WD182&c=Eight+Sixty. Then put a petty coat or tutu underneath to give the skirt some volume.

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