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The most versatile and comfortable summertime fashion is definitely the maxi dress. Online retailers like New Look are fit to burst with gorgeous long dresses this season. And this is a trend that definitely has legs!

Maxi dresses can be deceiving because they embrace many styles. Yes, they are uniformly long and flowing, but they vary in almost every other aspect.  Essentially, you can find a maxi dress that fits every look and every occasion.  So unlike other fashion staples, like say a leather jacket, you can never have too many of these in your closet!

Here are a few examples on how to work maxi dresses into your wardrobe:

For a chic look, find a maxi dress with a transparent layer made out of chiffon, polyester, or another similar fabric.  The lightness of the dress will give you an air of elegance as you move around. Look for beadwork, appliques, and other interesting details around the neckline to give your outfit some extra pop. Finish off your look by pairing your dress with heels or embellished sandals.

For a more seductive urban look, try a form fitting maxi dress with a strapless or v-neck top. Look for sleek fabrics with fierce patterns and colours to stand out in a crowd.  Accentuate the neckline with a statement necklace or some fabulous dangly earrings.  Then, pair your dress with some high heels or wedges to complete the sultry look.

For a dressy take on the trend, one that is acceptable work attire, make sure you find a maxi dress with a high neckline and capped sleeves. Covering your shoulders is an easy rule to follow to achieve a “business casual” look.  To avoid the flower-power muumuu look, make sure your maxi dress is form fitting at the waist, yet still flowing at the hem. You can also achieve this by adding a chic belt to cinch the waist.  Add a pair of sophisticated pumps or sandals to finish off the look.

If you are looking for a more casual maxi dress, something to wear to the beach or an afternoon out, select a cotton maxi dress with big bright prints. Going casual means taking things in moderation so follow these guidelines: your maxi dress should be somewhat form fitting, but not too tight and should show a little skin, but not too much.  Pair it with a wide rim sun hat, flip flops, and some shades to complete your casual look.

Of course there are many other ways to wear a maxi dress and many other looks you can achieve with this fashion staple. What are some of your suggestions?

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