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Kate Middleton and Prince William are finally married! You know you love it. Beautiful, smart commoner married handsome humble prince. It’s Disney come to life.

Kate’s wedding dress was an elegant lace gown with long sleeves and a high collar, similar to Nicole Richie and Grace Kelly’s wedding dresses.

Simple and timeless.

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What did you think of Kate’s wedding dress? Too plain or just right?


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  1. Am I the only one who thought that Kate’s dress was just too plain? Sure it was “elegant” and “understated”, which means “plain”. It was supposed to have been specially designed by high fashion designers and hand made, but I could walk into any bridal shop in Manhattan and buy the same thing right off the rack. It had no pearls, crystals, sequins, no embrodery, and very little lace. A princess could do a lot better. Ok, it was nice, but it was not show stopping. Nothing that you would remember for years and tell your kids about. And what was with that tiara? Supposedly diamonds, but no sparkle, flash or fire. If you are going to wear diamonds, make sure they look like diamonds, not dull paste. She might just as well have been wearing a tiara of pewter.

  2. Very true, mlyons. The tiara was by Cartier, but you’d never know it by the pictures!

  3. this might just be me never feeling the need to have a negative thing to say or be a critic about someone experiencing something beautiful but, honestly i thought she looked like a disney princess, classic, elegant, and true to herself. i think if she would have worn something extremely modern or fashion forward, there would have been a ton of people criticizing her for that…she wore what she wanted to wear – she didn’t dress to make other people happy because there’s no way she could win – she even did her own makeup… i think it’s beautiful that she wore and did what she would wear or do if she was simply marrying the boy she loves… which is what she was doing.

    as far as the tiara – it was lent to her by the queen of england (and the queen was given that crown on her 18th birthday) i think if my “something borrowed” was a tiara from the queen herself who had cherished it for decades… i wouldn’t have a single complaint about how shiny it was 🙂

    great pic of the gorgeous couple btw prommafia 🙂

  4. Good point, Cameron. I heard that they tried to play down the lux of the outfit and banquet too because of the economy. Would be in bad taste to rub their riches in everyone’s faces with unemployment rates so high and all.

  5. Just wanted to point out that maybe before you start bad mouthing a tiara made of “dull paste” you should do your homework…

    The Cartier “Halo” tiara was made in 1936 for the Queen Mother, William’s great grandmother, and given to her by her husband King George VI just 3 weeks before he took over the throne from his brother. It was than passed on to Queen Elizabeth II on her 18th birthday…and now it has been passed on to Kate.

    So its not made of paste, pewter, or fake in anyway…its OLD!!! Like 75 years old. Lets see how bright and shiny you are at 75.

  6. Lol. Thanks for your input Tamaira! Point well taken! Guess we are used to sparkly rhinestone tiaras and forget what TRUE crowns really look like!

  7. Sorry Ladies, but I stick to my opinion on the tiara. Does anyone remember how much fire the Spencer tiara had? Or the Queen’s, on about any occasion? Fine stones, if they are properly cared for, have fire and flash. A fine diamond will have the same fire in its facets today or two hundred years from now. Kate’s tiara had little fire and no sparkle. Maybe that was another case of wanting to keep things “understated”; which is another word for “plain”. If you are a princess, and are wearing a diamond tiara, then go for it! Don’t wear something that looks small and dull and plain.

  8. I do not know how to use words to describe some of the wedding. Maybe it was the expression on her face from the princess the happiest smile!

  9. Aww! I agree! It gives you a warm fuzzy feeling inside seeing two people so in love!

  10. @mylon: i respect your opinion about her dress and all but,

    i don’t think a show stopping dress needs to have pearls, crystals, sequins, embroidery, and lots of laces… and yes a princess can do a lot better and she did by choosing an elegant dress which is not ‘plain’ because it was actually perfect for her.

    “Nothing that you would remember for years and tell your kids about.”

    are you kidding me? i think it’s not just me saying that her dress looks stunning and perfect. even karl lagerfeld thought it was classic

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