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I can’t believe there is only one more Pretty Little Liars episode this season.  What will we do with ourselves on Monday nights? Sure, the story advances without really going anywhere, “teenagers” act like 20-somethings, and they can somehow afford a five digit shoe collection, but it’s our guilty pleasure!

Last night’s episode was extra creepy and packed with horrible clowns and fun houses.  NOT my cup of tea.  What is my thing, and why I watch the show, is the fashion. When not covered up in coats at the Harvest festival, the girls were all about stripes.  Ball-buster Hanna wore a chic black and white striped blouse while she grilled Caleb for being a backstabbing jerk.

From abcfamily.com

Her chiffon top is by Pins & Needles and is available at Urban Outfitters.

From urbanoutfitters.com

Spencer again wore a sweater, this time a purple striped one from Nordstrom.

From abcfamily.com

By the way, it is on sale for $ 30.

From nordstrom.com

Aria gave stripes a more alternative look with a black and blue dolman top.


From abcfamily.com

You can get this similar one from Guess.

From guess.com

Even Mona got in on the action and wore a black and white striped scarf that contained a punch of color.

From abcfamily.com

I couldn’t find her exact scarf, but here is a similar one. [UPDATE: According to reader Liv, Mona’s scarf is from Nordstroms’ BP brand. Unfortunately, it isn’t available anymore, but here are some other affordable BP scarves.]

From amazon.com

Did you catch last night’s episode? What’d you think?


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