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I caught the first episode of Pretty Little Liars yesterday and ended up spending the whole day watching every episode of the marathon! Needless to say, it’s my new favorite show. Too bad yesterday was the season finale!

From abcfamily.com

If you haven’t seen the show, yes it’s about high school girls with many of the typical high school show issues: forbidden love, sexuality confusion, bullies, bitches, divorce, etc, etc. The high school students all act like they are in their 20s sipping coffee and eating at fancy restaurants together (where are the parents??).  In fact, they are all in their 20s. Did you know that the actress that plays Spencer is actually one year OLDER than Mr. Fitz?! Makes his relationship with Arya (actually 21) seem less creepy.

Anyway, the show isn’t a typical high school drama. It’s more of a murder mystery and the victim is sending text messages from beyond the grave to her frenemies. Fun fun fun. But besides the entertaining storylines, the fashion is fabulous. If you’re looking for info on where to find their homecoming dresses (gorgeous!), here you go:


From abcfamily.com

Aria’s dress was modified from a black sequin dress from Bebe. They added beaded epaulets that were removed from a t-shirt from H&M and added a feather closure on back of dress. They finished it off with a vintage belt and crinoline skirt. So basically, you can’t buy this dress.  🙁

From abcfamily.com


From abcfamily.com

Hannah’s gorgeous feather dress was definitely my favorite. Didn’t it look amazing on her? Her dress is from Sue Wong Nocturne. I couldn’t find this exact dress on the site, but there were plenty others that were quite similar.

From abcfamily.com


From abcfamily.com

Spencer’s slick silver dress is from Bebe. Personally, I think it looks too mature for a 16 year old, but she’s really 25 so she pulled it off.


From abcfamily.com

Emily’s simple blue dress is from Jill Stuart. Not really my style, but a nice sweet dress just the same.

I can’t wait for the next season. Is Hannah dead? What will they be wearing? You know their prom dresses are going to be a-mazing!


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  1. the dresses are really cute ~~

  2. one of my new favorite guilty pleasures! and i’ve been really into the fashion on the show, so thanks for posting this! i was wondering where aria’s dress was from (her style is my favorite on the show!). it’s a shame you can’t just go out and buy it! super cute nonetheless.

  3. LLLooovvveee <<<333

  4. Alberllys garcia portorreal

    me encanta pll yo digo q tengo lo de las 4 xq soi amorsa seductora estudiosa y me escucho ami mis ma me encantan las 4 xq son tan diferentes y emeli me encanta xq cuando hai un caso ella no para hasta saber algo y espencer cuando ayuda ala hermana y hanna cuando quiere ayudar ala mama y aria cuando tiene sitas con su novio el prfesor beo esa serie cada bes q puedo o lo busco en youtuba esq m gusta tantooooooooooooooo y todas la embidian osea hellowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

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