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I recently received a goodybag full of socks and stockings from Kooshyfoot (yey!).  I finally had the opportunity to try them out this week when I had to dress up for my final presentation in marketing class.

stiletto pads

I wore these adorable and horribly uncomfortable booties with my suit.

oxford booties

But underneath them, I wore these comfy padded footies.

padded stockings

(Yes, that is a ladybug tattoo on my foot!)

cushy socks

Nine hours in my booties is usually an impossible task because the bottom of my feet begin feel like they are on fire a few hours in.  But I made it, and quite easily I might add! My presentation was right at the end of the day during hour eight and I stood up there able to concentrate on my delivery and not on my feet. Basically, a miracle.

kushyfoot socks

I’m excited to try the pair with the heel pads next!


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