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Okay so, as I was musing about what to make my next post about, a friend was complaining that she only really wears darker clothes and that it’s hard to find nice, summery clothes that aren’t white/bright. So here’s a little compilation of the dresses I came up with.  (Let me tell you, it’s a lot harder to find than you think!)

I suppose I’ll start off with plain black – it’s probably the least summery you can go? You can still get some really nice style dresses though, such as this one from ASOS:

black summer dress

or these:

casual black dress

Short Open Back Dress - designed by Blue Life

Short Lace Prom Dress With Embellished Bodice

But maybe you want something with a splash of colour – just so you don’t completely overheat in the sun!

You could try this Egyptian-print dress (which also comes in a different style):

cute little black dress

Or maybe this one (if it isn’t too bright for you all, anyway!):

black floral dress

Of course they don’t all have to be plain, this one has the most adorable collar:

black babydoll dress

And you don’t even need colours – you could stick with a monochromatic scheme like this:

black white short dress

Strapless Short Dress With Metallic Beading

Leopard Print Short Cocktail Dress

or this:

grey tank dress

So personally, I think that it is possibly to be summery in darker colours! (Although, if we’re being honest, I’d take a sunshine yellow dress over these any day!)


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  1. Ok, that dress with the high collar is soooo cute!

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