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Brittany & Cooper carries a prom necklace line by Foxy Originals that is just adorable!

From brittanyandcooper.com

From brittanyandcooper.com

What I really like about Foxy Originals is the variety of styles they make. You’ve got the leaves for the hippie chicks, the fleur de lis for the boho girls, and the abstract orb for the classy ladies.  I may be a little bit of all three, but the fleur de lis in bronze is definitely my favorite!

You can find even more styles and colors on the Brittany & Cooper website.

Which necklace is your favorite?


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  1. Like the circle abstract one. Very cute! Looks like some of the stuff from Tiffany’s only waaaay more affordable!

  2. so cute! I don’t know if i’d wear these to prom but I’d definitely wear them with my more casual outfits. I especially like the fleur de lis too!

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