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While in New York, fabulous shoes seemed to appear everywhere I looked.  At the humungo Macys on 34th Street, I found these beauties. I’m so so sorry, but I don’t know who they are from and can’t find them on the Macys website…though I am sure they are pretty expensive.

spring booties

I then made my way over to Journeys, which has a shoe selection that is just as cute and way more affordable. Clearly, Journeys is the place to be!

journeys ankle boots

Those brown zipper boots…only $30!

But with spring and summer coming, I’m obsessing over flats and am ogling this brown pair.

ankle strap flats

They even have some shoes for prom! This was my favorite pair. I love love LOVE the pearls.

cute black prom shoes

Are you as obsessed as me? 🙂


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  1. The boots at the top are Boutique 9, red suede, ‘Rashelle,’ peep toe ankle boots. They aren’t that expensive. I think you can get them for about $120.00

  2. Ooooohhhh I wonder if they come in different colors?

  3. I absolutly love these shoes! i bought a pair last year, and now mine are falling apart!! if anyone can find these shoes on any website or store, please let me know!!!!!

  4. Which pair, Rachel?

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