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No, girls, I’m not talking about any kind of jewellery – I’m talking dresses! I went on a visit to Cambridge a while ago, and while I was there I discovered a shop called Gold Stone. Since being home, I’ve occasionally looked for it on the internet but I couldn’t find a website for it. Then just a moment ago I was browsing some online shops (as we have an awful tendency to do!) and I happened upon some Gold Stone clothing – great success? I think so.

The inside of the shop was so beautiful when I went in – it was pink and decorated so nicely and thoughtfully. It was reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland; there were mugs hanging from the ceiling and the clothes racks were curly and curvy, anything but ordinary.


Of course I took the time to take a sneaky photo whilst inside! Normally, especially with dresses, I can be quite fussy, but at the time when I went, I think I loved pretty much every item they were selling. On the website I found, they still have some absolute gems (no pun intended!).

For example, this ‘Eastern Pattern Style Tulip Dress’:

From m-butterfly.co.uk

From m-butterfly.co.uk

Only £22!

Or how about this smart and lacy dress:

From m-butterfly.co.uk

From m-butterfly.co.uk

Again, only £22!

Or the other brand on this website, M Butterfly, also have some amazing stuff, from dresses to bags to bracelets to hats:

whimsical fashion

The same company (First Dragon Ltd.) owns three names: M Butterfly, Gold Stone and Echoo, and can be found in Camden, Covent Garden, Brent Cross, Richmond, Kingston, Earling Boardway, Bluewater, Lakeside, Brighton, Southampton, Guilford, Cambridge, Oxford, Cardiff, York, Bournemouth, Canterbury, and Reading.

So if you’re ever in the UK (or live there!) be sure to stop in! 🙂

So, what do you think of my little find?

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