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I hate bringing a purse when I go out. Ever since I was pick pocketed when I was in junior high, I’m paranoid that everyone is trying to steal my wallet.  Needless to say, I was really excited when Kendra from PortaPocket asked me to review her product.

ankle strap wallet

It’s very versatile, which is a big plus.  They come in a variety of belt and pocket sizes so you can carry your phone, credit cards, ipod, or camera around your arm, waist, thigh, calf, or ankle.  I found it to be very comfortable and the adjustable velcro strap sufficiently secured it to my calf when I went out.


My only complaint is that they are a little plain. You can get them in beige, black and pink, and I realize this suits most people, but I felt like mine needed a little pizazz. I tried a few different things, like rhinestones:

travel wallet


ankle wallet

and appliques:

porta pocket

I finally decided on this iron on applique.

hidden wallet

So, while I didn’t find it fashionable, I found the PortaPocket to be very functional.  Yet, I don’t see their plainnessas a negative.  It gives you the opportunity to have fun and customize it to your own personal tastes!


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