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1. The Bra Strap Clip

From perfectstrap.com

From perfectstrap.com

You can get the same result by clipping a safety pin around your straps, which is what I’ve been using for years.

2. The Snuggie


C’ mon people! You have a blanket and a bathrobe. Do you really need a hybrid of the two?

3. Shoes That Get You in Shape

From sketchers.com

From sketchers.com

Any “quick and easy” fix to get in shape is too good to be true. Instead of spending $100 + on a pair of these, use your regular tennis shoes and play soccer with your friends or go for a run!

4. The Kindle

From mclibrary.duke.edu

From mclibrary.duke.edu

Technology is great, but there is something special about holding a real book.  With your stories in a Kindle, you can’t underline your favorite lines, trade with friends, or keep an actual library. Plus at $259, is it really worth it?

5. The Cookie Diet


As I said before, if it sounds too good to be true, it is. Losing 10 pounds in a week by eating only cookies may seem great, but you can’t live on those expensive diet cookies forever.  ($60 a week?! That’s a pair of cute shoes!) Sorry to break it to you, but the only way to lose weight and keep it off forever is to make a lifestyle change.  No “magic” $60 cookies needed.   🙂


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  1. Hi 🙂
    I laughed my heart out on that one! Those snuggies are really ugly and can you live one week of cookies without dying?? Thank you for commenting on my blog, I feel honored!
    Love, Lilly 😀
    .-= – Lilly´s last post…Independent Fashion Bloggers: Links à la Mode =-.

  2. lol… agree on the bra strap clip and those shoes are ugly… better to buy some cute shoes and go for a run than walk around in those ugly things. I have to admit though… I’ve always wanted a snuggie… in leopard print… lol

  3. this is hilarious!
    and i always agreed exactly with u on the snuggie, but see once you get one its just something different and its easy idk im guilty okay!

  4. Huguette English

    Wow those are expensive cookies!!!

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