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Hullo there, I’m Art Decadence! I hail from England, but I’m a fan of so many other countries and cultures, it’s hard to keep count. I’m a creative gal; I love music, art, fashion, reading, writing and everything else under the sun that somehow fits into that category.

Seeing as I’m the newest Prom Mafia blogger, I feel I should show me at my prom! (With my date, then the back of my dress) I was so in love with my dress I kept ‘trying it on’ in the weeks before prom – just as an excuse to wear it.


‘Raindrops on roses and whiskers on–‘ oh, sorry, I’ll continue onto my favourite things, shall I?

Music, as previously mentioned, is a slight obsession of mine. As relaxing as silence can be, I can always be found talking or listening to music (or both!). It could be any of:

David Bowie, T.Rex, Queen, Colbie Caillat, Teddy Geiger, Ashley Tisdale, The Click Five, Holly Brook, Vanessa Hudgens, Hey Monday, The Veronicas, Kate Voegele, 3OH!3, Status Quo, Lou Reed/The Velvet Underground, The Rolling Stones, The Who, The Beach Boys, The Beatles, Pete Yorn… and many more – my music taste is incredibly varied (from Timbaland to Trivium) so you’d have to ask to be sure.

Films are in my life less so than music, but I’ve still seen my fair share! My favourite actor is Gary Oldman (with David Bowie being a close runner-up) and I’m slowly but surely collecting all of his films. His ability to adapt himself to any role (though he does tend to get the psychotic ones) is amazing and he’s just so down to earth. (Not to mention he’s damn attractive!) My favourites are:

Labyrinth, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead, The Prestige, Leon, The Rocker, Dracula, The Devil Wears Prada, Pirates of the Carribbean and every single Disney Classic (bar Bambi.) Again, I’ve seen all sorts of films (though I have to say I do like a good Chick Flick more than anything else!) so we might still have something in common.

Books are harder for me to talk about, as a lot of the time I have a very narrow focus – I have 30 Dean Koontz books! However, I’m trying to branch out. I find that books have to be exceptional for me to like them; if I find even one plot hole I start getting fed up with the wad of paper in my hands.

Now this might sound odd, but I don’t have a favourite artist. My favourite style of art is probably photography, because there’s just so much you can do with it! (Not that you can’t with other art, of course, but it’s different.) My favourite photographer I think is Mick Rock, as he spent a lot of time with Bowie and took some sensational photos of many of my favourite bands. Personally, as an artist, I spend most of my time in 3 areas: photography, vectors and pencil-work.

Here’s some of my work:




If you want to see any more of my work, go to my deviantART.

This post is turning into an essay, and I’m sure many of you now wish you didn’t know my life story – so I’ll end here. I look forward to blogging with/to you guys and I hope you will enjoy my (somewhat) restrained rambling for a while yet! 🙂

What about you guys, do you share any of my interests?


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