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I’m in love with the manicure trends this fall. Too bad I have a nail biting problem, so I can’t try any of these.

From instyle.com

From instyle.com

And it’s supposed to be pretty simple. InStyle has some straight forward instructions.

From instyle.com

From instyle.com

STEP 1 Lacquer nails with two coats of gunmetal (at left: CND Enamel in Hyde in the Dark). Allow at least five minutes for the polish to dry.

STEP 2 Sweep nail adhesive (at left: Kami Nail Foil adhesive) over the polish. It will change from white to clear matte when dry.

STEP 3 Place a strip of gold foil—shiny side facing down—(at left: Kami Metallic gold and silver foil) over your nail, tap three to four times with your fingertip to deposit the pigment, then peel off. Repeat with the silver foil.

This mod mani is cute too.

From instyle.com

From instyle.com

I’m not a fan of this one though.  Do you like it?

From instyle.com

From instyle.com

Planning on trying any of these fall trends?


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  1. Ah this is something I can completely relate to – I can’t stand my nails looking ratty or broken! They’re almost always painted (french manicured at the moment ;D) so I love trying out new things 🙂

    However, I agree with you on the last one – it’s not too fetching, really. x) I remember as a child I’d paint my nails with a different colour on each one and looking back I can’t see how I ever thought it looked good xD

  2. I LOVE THE SECOND ONE! It looks far too hard for me to attempt though 😛

    I’d also love some of that gold flake!

  3. lol that’s intense nail care
    so if i read correctly, it’s an art of mixing a number of products together? D:
    i might suck at that. i’m bad enough at blending eyeshadow ): but looks fun

  4. I have been trying to order the nail polish and adhesive for the first style, the Kami nails, and that website does not have either available… any other places I should try?

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