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Kristen Stewart’s new rocker hair style:


Love it or hate it?


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  1. hate it. I know it’s for a movie but she looks like a hobo.

  2. im sorry but :S i hate it, is it for a movie?

  3. uugh…Ive seen other pics of her and this new hair is like scene hair gone terribly wrong

  4. hate it.i know its for the movie but…… ugh! it looks horrible! its just wrong…. gross…. it looks demolished.

  5. holy shit , is that real ? its HORRID !

    but shes soo prettty , i love your old hair .

  6. It’s for a movie called ‘The Runaways’. She plays Joan Jett.

  7. I love her old hair. It fits her better and was really pretty. But i also love her new hair. A LOT. Not more. And i also don’t like how it competes with her skin tone. But as a hair cut, i LOVE IT. And actually want it! i don’t see why everyone hates her ever since she got this cut. i think it’s rad. But yet i still think she should of kept the old hair.

    So for me, i love it as a hair cut. but don’t really like it on her. ;]

  8. i like her old hair better but its for a movie so i guess why not maybe if she fixed it up a little it wouldnt look tht bad

  9. no she should have not done that like everyone else said her old hair looks better and hannah should stop hating

  10. luv it ..man!!!! she is rockin in d runaways trailer:)

  11. I hate it.But since its for a movie she has to have but she could neaten it up a little!

  12. …dont hate it….but dont like it… soz kristen. think her old her was supper pretty but i guess she’s more gothic type thing, i love her lil fashion thing going on- with the tied up top! its wicked 🙂 i havnt seen runaways yet but im SURE it will be fabb xx

  13. I actually like it. It’s not really in mullet form so it looks good. 😉

  14. ummm… is she like a junkie now? cause… she looks high.. this looks like one of her annual leaving the house moments. no wonder her and rob are such a good match they both have ugly hair.. hhahahah no seriously..

  15. i have no idea why any1 wud like that, i am a rocker, i love heavy metal, and she looks scary, the hair is too dark, maby if she was a brunette

  16. man..i actually thought that was a guy…:/
    what happened to Kristen…
    hate it..

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