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Last week the latest It Girl novel, Adored by Cecily von Ziegesar, was released and I could not have been happier, because I looove The It Girl (can you guess where I got my nickname from?) I finished the book last night and now I’m going to share with all of you!

from amazon.com

from amazon.com

Adored, the eighth novel in The It Girl series, finds the series’ main characters, Jenny Humphrey, Callie Vernon, Tinsley Carmichael, Brett Messerschmidt, Heath Ferro, and  Brandon Buchanon (excluding Easy Walsh, a main character in the previous novels) during Christmastime at the prestigious boarding school that they attend, Waverly Academy.

Every year at Christmastime, Waverly has a Secret Santa program for the entire school. This year Brett, the Junior Class Prefect, is in charge of assigning the Secret Santas and she has to plan the annual Holiday Ball. However, an undisclosed student sends out an e-mail changing Secret Santa to Secret Satan and tells everyone to send “naughty” gifts, including sex toys and thongs and even a ferret! Everyone is excited for Secret Satan and some people get really into it…one student, Brandon, received a male stripper…in the middle of his math class!

Meanwhile, a group of freshmen asked Jenny (the same Jenny from Gossip Girl) if they can make a documentary about her for their film class, to which she agrees.

Her roommate, Callie, broke up with her boyfriend, Easy Walsh (who is now at military school), in the last book, Infamous, and she is now afraid that if she doesn’t get a boyfriend right away  she will die an old maid, and the mean “old maid” gifts coming from her Secret Satan are not helping. She eventually goes on a date with a boy named Sebastian, who happens to be the hot senior that Brett tutors and secretly has a crush on.

While all this is happening, Tinsley and her new boyfriend, Julian, have been going just fine until Tinsley finds out that Julian’s not a virgin, which totally freaks her out because she is. Tinsley is convinced that the chick who stole her boyfriend’s V-card is Jenny Humphrey, who Julian dated for about three days, in the fourth book Unforgettable.

Not much is going on with Heath in this book, which was totally disappointing for me because I love Heath almost as much as I love Napoleon Bonaparte (which is a lot).

All of this comes to a conclusion, some good and some bad, at the Inferno party, a party planned by the still unknown “Satan’s Little Helper” who started the Secret Satan exchange. But to find out what happens in the end you’ll have to read the book for yourself!

Jenny Humphrey! (from glamour.com)

Jenny Humphrey! (from glamour.com)

Honestly, this book was not the best in the series (my favorite was the sixth book, Tempted), however it was enjoyable. The entire series is written by ghost writers, something that Cecily von Ziegesar admits to, and I must say this particular author did not do the most fantastic job. A lot of the facts were off (for example: he/she kept saying that New York was a part of New England! False!) and sometimes the grammar was wrong, which drove me insane because I am the grammar police! However I do recommend that you read the book and if you haven’t read the series you most definately should!


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