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Advertise with Prom Mafia to get in front of thousands of chic teen fashion lovers!

Prom Mafia is the leading Prom blog. We get tens of thousands of page views every month and have a large readership following both in email list and social media. What makes this even better is that the dominant demographic is females between 16 and 22. You can take advantage of our success by putting your brand or product in front of our valued readers. Understand that we always prefer advertisers that offer something of benefit to our followers and it does come at a price.

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Having trouble reaching your target audience?

Teens are becoming increasingly difficult to reach. They are foregoing traditional entertainment resources like television, magazines, and the internet, and instead turn specifically to social media. This means your emails, commercials, and print ads don’t have the same impact they once did. Social media is not a passing fad and must be included as an advertising channel in your marketing plan. But here’s the good news. Today’s teens have more spending power than any generation before them. Teens spend over $100 billion annually, so if you can reach them, these sophisticated consumers will respond.


Female Teens are spending most of their money on clothing and fashion.

That’s where Prom Mafia comes in. In addition to reaching over 50,000 teens a month on PromMafia.com, our patent pending social media advertising allows your message to travel the net and reach the right person at the right time. By advertising on one of our activity list social media applications, your message is guaranteed to be delivered exactly when teens want to hear it. So stop blindly advertising on the internet and social media platforms. Let us help you target your message in the most effective and economically beneficial way possible.

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Prom Mafia Advertising Options

Sponsored Post (Most Popular)

Sponsored posts are a unique opportunity to increase your page rank and search results rank by naturally inserting anchor links to your website. In addition, they offer a custom and personalized introduction of your business to the Prom Mafia community. Unlike monthly banner ads, you pay only once for your advertorial and your campaign stays on PromMafia.com, tapping into hundreds of thousands of unique visitors every year.

Check here for more information about this opportunity.

Banner Ad

Banner ads are the Go to ads. They are bound to be seen and offer moderate CTRs. The general size of these ads are 300x250px boxes and are usually placed in the sidebar. There are lots of other options around this ad type, from video to a variety of sizes to choose from. Fill in the form below to enquire about monthly prices.

Text Ad

This ad type is customisable in terms of what words you want to use and which anchor text you would like to link back to your site. There are some SEO qualities to this form of advertising, however, in general all ad links are no follow. Prices charged on a per monthly basis.

*NEW* Social Media Promotion

We are pleased to now offer a cheap option to get access to our massive social media following! Social Media Promotions are a great way to get quick exposure and the potential for your post to get shared by their friends. Check out our social pages by clicking on the links below.

Custom Package

Custom packages are the crème de la crème of advertising with Prom Mafia. Past campaigns included full site branding with multiple banner ads and branded background images, custom emails to Prom Mafia readers, giveaways, and more. Basically whatever you would like that is within our ability to give is on the cards.

How to apply?

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Look forward to hearing from you!
Queenbee aka Jo xx


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