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As the technological advancement continues to grow, so does fashion. Today, people have a created a 3D printing machine which has the ability to produce objects as a real one, but now, people have used it for fashion.

Liquid-Printed Fabric Blends the Best of Traditional and Digital Fashion

Typical 3D-printed clothing doesn’t use the fabric styles that most of us are used to. Instead, it assembles hundreds of flexible nylon loops in a way that evokes chain mail, which can be shaped into dresses, vests, skirts, and many other styles. Now, a young startup company claims to have invented a printable fabric with the same properties as a soft cotton shirt. To achieve this, each design starts out as a hard mold — with, for example, the dimensions of a t-shirt or hat — and then the printer’s extruder sprays a layer of condensed liquid fabric across the entire mold. The liquid fibers quickly bind together into a strong fabric, which can be removed from the mold and worn right away. Although this approach isn’t as refined as selective laser sintering or plastic jet printing, it could eventually become the industry standard for 3D-printed fashion. Until then, here are some iconic designers and studios that have used 3D tools to conjure up their latest clothing lines.




3D printers has made a great impact in our life in which it helps us build clothing and can be the alternative source of creating one. The creator of this helps the people to create their own fabric printing fashion which is why the Electroom 3D printing device was created.


Fabric Printing

We all love fabrics, starting from our clothes, bed sheets and other clothing that we use in out lives. Now here are methods on how to do fabric printing besides from liquid.






Now lets start on building and designing our own fabric dresses and clothing. To learn more about how to print fabric printing using liquid and also make a profit on it, visit our main site.

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