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When it comes to wearing white, there are a few rules to live by—especially if you want to wear it in the workplace! First of all, never let anyone tell you that you shouldn’t wear white. If you pick classy options, you can absolutely enjoy the pure, fresh look of white. The trick is to understand what’s appropriate for work, and what you should leave for a summer beach day.

all white office attire

Make sure you keep in mind to always wear nude undergarments if you are wearing white. Anything else will likely show through, and that’s never a professional look for anyone. Resist the urge to wear your favorite Vicky’s lace bra and keep it as sophisticated as possible. Checking white, or any color fabric for its transparency is a very good thing to do before you purchase it. Put away the bright socks you usually wear to spice up your wardrobe, and opt to your larger pieces shine through. Something to always remember: thinner fabrics tend to be sheerer. Sticking to thicker fabrics is going to be the most professional choice.

white skirt and black open-toe shoes

Another trade secret for wearing white is to not to wear white shoes, even if you want to go for an all-white outfit. They make you look too nurse-y or right out of the disco scene—it’s just overkill. Pick either nude colored flats, or even going for brighter colored shoes could pep up your fresh white look. If you want to go with open-toed shoes, make sure they are elegant enough for your workplace.

One chic white outfit idea could be to join wide-leg pants with a plain white T, with the shirt preferably tucked in loosely. From there, you can either go jacketless or wear a casual white blazer over top your white shirt. Again, be sure to check pant fabric to make sure it’s not translucent!

white banana Republic blazer

Remember that if you live in an urban environment, your white outfit is at a higher risk for dirtying up. Be sure your white pants are a good length so that they won’t drag in the streets you walk on. In addition, be extra careful if you decide to order a meatball sub for lunch. If you are a spiller who wants to rock white, it might be a good plan to invest in a Tide-to-go stick for stains.

Wearing white with black is an easy style you can incorporate at the work place without seeming too dressed up or down. Pairing a white shirt, black blazer, and white pants with low-heeled black pumps is a super cute work-appropriate getup. Adding a pop of color by picking a crimson button-down blouse with your white pants is sure to make an impression at work. Keeping it “classy and never trashy” is a good thing to keep in mind while wearing white in the workplace.

Carolina Herrera White Dress

If it’s summer, a loose knee-length white dress that is cinched at the waist is a beautiful and fresh outfit option. When you mix that with black or nude flats and a thin black belt, you are essentially melding together femininity with professionalism. Throw a light brown or black blazer on top of that, and you’re all set for a summer workday at the office. Feel free to wear all white to work this summer—test out these styles and revel in all the compliments you’re sure to receive!


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