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TOMS is giving away a $50 gift card to one of you lucky Mafiettes!  Not only do you win the gift card, but their One for One policy means when you use it to purchase a pair of shoes, a child in need receives a pair too!

From tomsshoes.com

From tomsshoes.com

They’ve expanded their styles, so be sure to check out their all weather Botas:

From tomsshoes.com

From tomsshoes.com

Their glitter collection:

From tomsshoes.com

From tomsshoes.com

And their Cordones collection:

From tomsshoes.com

From tomsshoes.com

To enter, let me know how you plan to make a difference in your community this year.  Will you be volunteering to help the homeless, baking cookies for a nursing home, buying socially responsible gifts?

Extra entries for each of the following:

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  • Tweet the contest on Twitter (The more you tweet, the more you’re entered! Just be sure to include @prommafia so I see it.)
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Contest ends on Sunday, November 29th.

Be sure to check out my other contest here.


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  1. OMG… love, love, love Tom’s shoes… over Thanksgiving my family and I will help feed homeless people at a homeless shelter.

  2. Well I started a recycling program at the pre school near by.

  3. Fan of Prom Mafia on facebook

  4. Follow Prom Mafia on Twitter

  5. I’ve recently been involved in a monthly donation to a local homeless shelter with my school. We set up donation boxes and donate all that we receive. I was in last year fashion class as well as the upcoming semester and we started a knitting club. So we’ve decided to knit every tuesday and thursday at lunch then donate what we make to the homeless shelters too.

  6. we do charity runs.

  7. im raising money with a group of friends to give xmas presents to the handicapped at our elementary schools )

  8. I plan on donating food to shelters since they are way low here

  9. Crystal "Kess" Warren

    I’m signing up to deliver “Meals on Wheels” to the sick and elderly..been thinking about doing it for a while now I can.

  10. Crystal "Kess" Warren

    and I’m a fan on facebook..Kess N Crystal Warren

  11. Crystal "Kess" Warren

    oops and I’m following on twitter

  12. already buy socially responsible gifts but will donate our gently used goods to organization who will give to those in need
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  13. I will be buying more “green” products and recycling my gift wrap.

  14. I donate food monthly to our local food bank and for Christmas i collect clothes and other articles for the Salvation Army.

  15. I will be volunteering more at the local no kill animal shelter.

  16. I plan on helping my community by volunteering my time at the elementary school twice a week and at the community garden!

  17. Twitter follower!

  18. I adore Tom Shoes and I love the ads where they show the children receiving their free shoes! They are so adorable!
    Our family is going to donate toys, electronics, etc. to the
    Chidlren’s Home that our church sponsors!
    Many thanks, Cindi

  19. Facebook fan of Prom Mafia…..
    Thanks, Cindi

  20. Also, I follow Prom Mafia on Twitter!
    Many thanks, Cindi

  21. “Tweet”
    Many thanks to you and Tom Shoes…..Cindi

  22. I normally volunteer at tax time to do taxes for the low income and elderly via the AARP/CAP program.

  23. I will be buying socially responsible brands. I also help out through the year with my church.

  24. I’m a fan on Facebook.

  25. I follow on Twitter – 89linz

  26. I like to volunteer at holiday marathons to just take a breather. This year a group of friends and I decided to not buy gifts for each other, but buy gifts to donate instead.

  27. Ringing bells for the Salvation Army as a family, volunteering to serve and get to know the homeless and those affected by poverty in a more personal way, and buying eco-friendly gifts for Christmas! Everything we do helps and just imagine what change we could affect in the world if we each did just ONE thing!

  28. I’m already a fan of Prom Mafia on Facebook!

  29. I follow your tweets on Twitter as mamavalveeta03.

  30. I plan to continue to participate in the yearly Holiday program in my town which distributes food and gifts to over 60 families. =]

    I’m a facebook fan and a twitter follower.

  31. I am trying to be more green!! Thanks for the chance.
    [email protected]

  32. I’m joining my school’s Amnesty International group as well as the meals on wheels program

  33. buying alternative gifts that are socially responsible/making my own gifts
    .-= – crystal´s last post…Christmas & whatever =-.

  34. since i want to become a librarian and i love helping out community. i’m in the procress of volunteering for the public libraries in my community. helping them deliver library books to folks that can’t leave their houses.
    it’s an awesome project and i can’t wait til the screening process is over!
    .-= – Carly´s last post…vlog in the works =-.

  35. became fan on facebook (Carly Lamanes)
    .-= – Carly´s last post…vlog in the works =-.

  36. is followin on twitter!
    .-= – Carly´s last post…vlog in the works =-.

  37. I volunteer in various ways for a local animal charity.

  38. I plan to take all of my clothes that i dont want and my sons clothes that hes grown out of and some of his toys down to the battered womens shelter and donate it to them. I also want to make little food/gift bags and give them to some of the women down there. I think its so worth it to see the look on their faces and to know how excited they are to have someone who cares.

  39. I get involved with a lot of charities at work because I work with a lot of charitable ladies! Most recently, a friend of mine helped put together a charity that requested any toiletries, sample toiletries, memo pads and purses so that she could put together a “purse stuffing party” in order to hand out the purses out at a homeless shelter in Detroit. I like assisting in charities that are women oriented. I plan on getting more involved in domestic violence charity fundraisers this year as, where I work, I see a lot of it and it really hits the heart.

  40. I follow on twitter – @ktkatherine

  41. TOMS Shoes is a great company! I blogged about them a long time ago, and they sent me their DVD. I actually donated it to my library, in the hopes that other people will learn about their great work too!

    I just graduated from graduate school with a MA in International Human Rights, just this past week actually. It is my hope to get a job in human rights, particularly in poverty alleviation, which I would consider a great contribution to my community or whatever community I get the chance to serve.

  42. I always help around my community. It may be as simple as raking leaves for an elder, or helping serve dinners at church or smoothies to little kids. But, it could also be as big as putting on a church camp for the local kids. I enjoy helping others. I feel like It’s not only my duty but that it’s something that will bring so much happiness to not only the people but me, knowing that I helped them in a way. 🙂

  43. Followed on Facebook
    (nicole gilmore)


  45. We donate to the local food bank and buy gifts for the angel tree.

  46. I bake cakes and desserts for a local homeless shelter every year at Thanksgiving and Christmas

  47. This year, as part of a school volunteer club, I do miscellaneous things around the community, like volunteer for marathons and other charity events. 🙂 As my family, we sometimes volunteer at the food bank and at the nursing homes.

  48. my daughter volunteers calling bingo at an old fols home and I drive her every week.

  49. Stephanie Craver

    I know that it doesn’t seem as helpful as others, but I volunteer at this place called Rock City. They hold musical events there and such. Music is very important to me and a lot of other kids who go to these shows. Without these events (which are very safe), who knows what I’d be doing right now. I could be on the streets doing things that I would regret later. Or have a death that is much too early for me. So I volunteer an help there for myself and other kids.

    I also love children, so I volunteer at the Boys & Girls club and play with kids, clean after them, and it’s a lot of fun.

    I don’t know if it counts, but my family and I are also sending some stuff to the troops for Christmas. I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be a tradition.

  50. donating to a family at work [email protected]

  51. I donate to local places like the library

  52. To make a difference, I plan on putting non perishable food items in the donation bins at grocery stores, and buying gifts for someone from those tags on the giving tree at church!

  53. following on twitter username buttabee

  54. I plan on donating this Christmas to Salvation Army and Toys For Tots. Thank you!

  55. I’m a Fan on Facebook (ChristineFidance)

  56. I follow you on Twitter (Tina12312)

  57. I’d love to win and I tweeted http://twitter.com/Tina12312/status/5932132537

    thank you!

  58. volunteer within the chinatown community to help pass out food to low-income residents1

  59. I have done some volunteer work at the food shelter this year

  60. “Daily Tweet!” http://twitter.com/cmh512/status/5938759050
    Thanks very, very much…..

  61. Hi there.
    I always volunteer at local festivals and animal shelters. I volunteer about 50 hours a year, every year.
    I would love to win a pair of TOMS shoes, so please enter me! 🙂


  62. I plan to volunteer at my city’s recycling center.

  63. I will be volunteering at a homeless shelter during christmas. An hour of my time makes a WHOLE world of difference 🙂

  64. fan on FB: melissa valmonte

  65. follow on twitter: @styleezta
    .-= – styleezta´s last post…Head Explosion =-.

  66. I’ve made an effort this year to try and buy products that won’t destroy the earth. Lots recycled products.

  67. I love Toms, great company! We always participate in Operation Christmas Child – it’s a great activity to get the kids involved directly and brighten another child’s Christmas someplace else.
    greenlancer at comcast dot net

  68. I always send cards and gifts to the sick kids at:


  69. I will be donating items to the Battered Womens Shelter.

  70. follow Prom Mafia on twitter as Missybeez80

  71. I help out at the local Orphanage here in town…Very rewarding

  72. I’ve pledged myself to give more to charity than I spend on gifts this year.

  73. Facebook fan (Angela Townsend)!

  74. I help my daughter collect food and other items needed for the true homeless of our area. Some don’t make it to the soup kitchens and shelters and there is a wonderful person who goes out to them

  75. I will be (am) volunteering in a food bank and am collecting toys for our local Christmas toy program.
    smchester at gmail dot com

  76. I am following Prom Mafia on Twitter as ptowngirl.
    smchester at gmail dot com

  77. voluntering on company-sponsored community outreach projects

    emiliana dot sison at gmail dot com
    .-= – emiliana´s last post…The Brass Hussy GUEST GIVEAWAY!!!! =-.

  78. I assist my parents during Christmas parties given to poor families in our neighborhood
    .-= – Curtney´s last post…Ezziebell thanksgiving giveaway =-.

  79. our family donate food to the less fortunate homes on christmas time
    .-= – Cornelio´s last post…Amazing Necklace Giveaway =-.

  80. I actually volunteer at my local Hospitals around the holidays
    to deliver flowers and gifts to the ones staying there.
    It’s really sweet to see how happy they are to
    recieve something!
    I’ve been doing it for 5 years now–and i hope to continue for many more.


  81. now Following PromMafia on Twitter!::


  82. Fan of Prom Mafia on Facebook!::


  83. I already volunteer. mostly for animals in teh community, I also just donated 100 pounds of food at a local food drive and I plan on helping out at saint vincents this upcoming year, its a home for sexually abused children.

  84. “Daily Tweet!”
    Thank you….. Cindi

  85. my bf and i have a food drive every year on thanksgiving and give it to the local pantry.

  86. This year, I joined a leadership team at my school, we do community service projects for the community and in our school. I also started volunteering at a library.

  87. I volunteer with the volunteer club at my college. We have collected school supplies, food, and now we will be having a toy drive. I also volunteer with a local dog rescue group.

  88. I have actually just set the wheels in motion for an organization called Bridges Beyond Borders that a friend and I are founding to help refugee youth in our community. Right now we’re trying to collect coats and blankets, but by next fall we have a full-blown peer-mentoring program, pairing refugee youth with local students to foster their self-esteem and also help with the basics like tutoring.
    .-= – Lindsay {Shrimp}´s last post…How To-sday – I love you because… Message in a Bottle Key Ring =-.

  89. I fanned you on Facebook as Lindsay Griffith!
    .-= – Lindsay {Shrimp}´s last post…How To-sday – I love you because… Message in a Bottle Key Ring =-.

  90. I follow you on Twitter as @ShrimpSalad!
    .-= – Lindsay {Shrimp}´s last post…How To-sday – I love you because… Message in a Bottle Key Ring =-.

  91. I volunteer at my local animal shelter by walking the dogs. It’s fun and exciting for them and good exercise for me. It doesn’t hurt that the dogs are adorable too!

  92. I volunteer extensively with Families with Children from China.

  93. After the holidays, I start volunteering with Big Brothers & Big Sisters.

  94. I am a Facebook fan of your site (Aimee Waerhouse).

  95. I am following you on Twitter (username Nelsby).

  96. I’m moving to a large city soon and will join the major volunteer organization there and volunteer in soup kitchens and maybe with teens.

  97. I’ll be volunteering at the local holiday food drive.

  98. “Daily Tweet!”
    Happy Thanksgiving…..Cindi

  99. I will be volunteering at church
    .-= – autie´s last post…Cyberbullying is not "ethical blogger" behavior! =-.

  100. I volunteer with my church and we give money to charities, organizations and people we meet who look like they’re in need.

  101. Following you on Twitter (atlantagalknows)

  102. I’m a Facebook Fan

  103. buying local produce!

  104. I will be helpin with my church and projects as needed. Probably helping with yard sales, etc for missions. Thank you

  105. don’t plan on making any difference

  106. Currently, I deliver pound dogs to rescue transports and belong to a garden club which takes care of some flower beds in the park. Next year I am volunteering to help low-income people with their taxes.

  107. I am mentoring two high school girls to help them through the college application process.

  108. “Daily Tweet!”
    Many thanks to you….. Cindi

  109. I’m purchasing more eco-friendly gifts and using reusable gift wrapping
    .-= – Janette´s last post…Holiday Season Kickoff (and a giveaway!) | Ends 12/16 =-.

  110. Following on Twitter @jsoldham
    .-= – Janette´s last post…Holiday Season Kickoff (and a giveaway!) | Ends 12/16 =-.

  111. I’ll be planting trees. I try to plant 100 trees every year. I plant a variety of trees that are indigenous to the Everglades and I also remove trees that threaten the eco-balance like maleleuca and brazilian pepper. Can you imagine how our land would flourish if everyine planted just one tree? We’d save topsoil, improve air quality and beautify – all in one simple action.

  112. I donated my books and clothings to those in need.

  113. For my extra entry, I Fan Prom Mafia on facebook.

  114. I’m following Prom Mafia on Twitter.

  115. I donate to women’s shelters and to an animal rescue organization locally.

  116. I will volunteer.

  117. I am doing more volunteer work!

  118. so this year I started volunteering at the library. I also joined a leadership team at my school that does service projects for the community. 🙂

  119. I plan on donating to toys for tots and the local food pantry.

  120. i am donating items to a family in the community.

  121. I follow Prom Mafia on Twitter.
    .-= – erin´s last post…Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party – Select Nights =-.

  122. We’re going to try to buy some toys for needy kids.

  123. NICE!

  124. I follow on twitter.

  125. I helped with Thanksgiving Dinners for the needy in our community. Family cooked another family or elderly person a dinner and went and took it as a family. Every dinner had a large ham or turkey with all the trimmings and deserts. Some families shared in the dinner with them and cleaned up after the meal while sharing Gods love with them. Christmas we will take homemade snacks, cookies, cakes and pies for a Christmas Eve party for them, This was a church youth group sponsered project but many adults volunteered also. 57 families were fed.

  126. [email protected]
    i would like to help out at the salvation army-they are one of the few charities here

  127. [email protected]
    fan on facebook
    lance pearson

  128. [email protected]
    i follow on twitter

  129. I try to donate as much as possible.
    .-= – Storm´s last post…Featured Etsy – Blooming Couture =-.

  130. I’m following you on Twitter (@psychotichouse)
    .-= – Storm´s last post…Featured Etsy – Blooming Couture =-.

  131. We buy as much local as possible and I will pick an angel from the Salvation Army tree of course, as well as we’ve contributed to adopting a family off the tree at my daughters high school

  132. “Daily Tweet!”
    Many thanks to you…..Cindi

  133. Our family chooses a child from the angel tree and sponsors that child.
    .-= – Genevieve Larson´s last post…Contests from my favorite blogs =-.

  134. Following you on twitter – mommyjen99
    .-= – Genevieve Larson´s last post…Contests from my favorite blogs =-.

  135. i am going to try donating more money to charity…of course if i had more time i would be able to do some volunteer work

  136. I do gardening at the local senior citizen building. I love gardening and the seniors love the flowers.

  137. I volunteer for local events and volunteer my time to Mod a recycle group. Love tom’s shoes missions statement

  138. We contribute to Toys for Tots, Salvation Army, and the local homeless shelter. Additionally, our business is gathering donations for the local animal shelter.

  139. I’m a Facebook fan.

  140. im donating food to a food kitchen that prepares baskets for a “holiday meaL” for a family in need

  141. I follow on Twitter as willitara.

  142. We usually “adopt” a family for Christmas and give to our local food bank. Thanks.

  143. I will be donating gifts to the children in need at our local school. Thanks for the contest!

  144. I follow you on Twitter @cezovski

  145. Whoops, I missed the first question. Yes I try to do what I can. I donate a lot of food to the Second Harvest Food Bank and I donate toys to the Toys for Tots Program.

  146. I follow you on Facebook
    Carol Anderson Ezovski

  147. I am going to speak at schools in Ohio and Michigan to ask for donations for my local mission.

  148. We’re organiing a neighborhood clean up crew. Our road is a dumping spot on one end as it’s pretty unpopulkated at one end but well traveled. The city won’t help so we’ll do it ourselves.

    This year I started taking magaines and toiletries to a local nursing home. I might start taking in one of my pup, depnds on what everyone thinks, you never know if someone might have allergies, etc so have to check with all residents first as well as their families.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  149. FB Fan – Amanda Marie 🙂

  150. Twitter follower – PegasusFeathers 😉

  151. I plan to be one of the Salvation Army Santas this year!
    HobartsMama at AOL.COM

  152. I follow you on Twitter @jennai
    HobartsMama at AOL.COM

  153. I follow you on Facebook
    Jennifer Keefer
    HobartsMama at AOL.COM

  154. I will be resing my gift wrap

  155. facebook fan

  156. twitter follower intime111

  157. I will be working with my church groups’ food pantry and clothes closet. I plan on buying more products that benefit disadvantaged workers in other countries.

  158. i am helping with toys for tots

  159. following on twitter klp1965

  160. fan on facebook kathylpease

  161. education – to give the gift of knowledge..

  162. I plan to volunteer at the food bank
    .-= – MaryBeth I´s last post…Building Self-Esteem =-.

  163. I volunteer at my library and at my childrens schools

  164. Bridget Michelle Combs

    I plan to get involved in more philanthropic activities this upcoming year.

  165. Bridget Michelle Combs

    Fb fan- Bridget Combs

  166. Bridget Michelle Combs

    follow on twitter- @bridget3496

  167. I will be donating toys to Santa Anonymous
    .-= – Chrysa ´s last post…Store Brand Formula – Money-Saving Coupons Plus a Giveaway =-.

  168. I’m following you on Twitter. (My Twitter name is @ThriftyJinxy)

  169. i’m in student council and i started a recycling program at my school

  170. I give donations.

  171. I Follow Prom Mafia on Twitter (donnak4)

  172. I volunteer 40 hours a week at the local fire department….fundraising for them….i also work full time as a 911 operator….saving lives over the phone./….

  173. I plan on donating clothes and toys to the homeless. Thanks

  174. fan on facebook.


  175. following on twitter.


  176. i was just telling my husband that this year we should volunteer at a soup kitchen or homeless shelter, feedingthe needy. We always have too much food for just the two of us and much of it goes to waste. I want to become more socially responsible.

  177. fanned prom mafia Reeva

  178. follow on twitter @xoeskie

  179. just the helping of beighbors when I can, we always do that anyways

  180. Following Prom Mafia on Twitter, (id- litehouse27)

  181. I’m going to go to a nursing home nearby and visit the people and sing with them for the entertainment.

  182. facebook fan – gloria mckellar

  183. follow on twitter as kngmckellar

  184. I plan to provide some entertainment a our local nursing home…. They needed someone to sing xmas songs for 30 min!!

    So excited!

  185. I follow on twitter!

  186. Fan on Facebook!

  187. We plan to help make sandwiches to feed the homeless

  188. I plan to donate clothing and food to nearby shelters for the holiday season.

  189. We’re planning to have a wreath-making party, then hand out wreaths and food baskets to older, less well-off folks in the community.
    .-= – Jenna´s last post…halfbluesky: Dear @Sephora all I want for Christmas is the Urban Decay Box of Potions. #SephoraClaus pretty please!! =-.

  190. Angela Winesburg

    I plan on continuing my work at the homeless shelter and donating to various causes, thanks!

  191. I currently volunteer at a local food pantry twice a week, and will continue to do so. Thanks for hosting an awesome contest!

  192. I will be buying socially responsible gifts.

  193. I became your Facebook fan.

  194. I plan to switch all my household products like beauty and cleaning supplies to cruelty free and eco friendly products!

    Thanks for entering me! Great Contest!

    Janna Johnson
    [email protected]
    [email protected]

  195. fanned on facebooke!

  196. following on twitter as feedyourpig

  197. Recently, when a family member was ill, I found out that I have type O negative blood. This is always in high demand so I have been donating blood and platelets as often as possible to help out, especially in the summer months when supplies run low.

  198. Following 🙂

  199. Volunteering my time as usual 🙂

  200. We donate our restaurant’s extras to the soup kitchen. 🙂
    .-= – blueviolet´s last post…Toy Tuesday $250 Gift Card ONE DAY Giveaway!!! =-.

  201. I follow you on twitter (blueviolet)
    .-= – blueviolet´s last post…Toy Tuesday $250 Gift Card ONE DAY Giveaway!!! =-.

  202. I keep track of the elderly neighbors, do dressings and take people to Dr’s appointments and I will continue to do so!

  203. I’ve been stocking up on canned goods, shampoo, baby wipes, and other essentials which I donate to food pantries, the troops overseas, and others in need!
    .-= – Anne´s last post…Another $1.99 Burrito day at Baja Fresh!! =-.

  204. I am going to volunteer and have considered starting a support group for others with vitiligo.

  205. I volunteer weekly at a inner-city school program.

  206. Volunteering my time at my children school.

  207. Facebook fan. (Quanda)

  208. I only buy local – and I handmake all of my presents. I will encourage my friends to do the same!

  209. My family has chipped in money and together with a few of my friends, we are going to buy Christmas gifts for the kids at the children’s home. We are planning to play Santa Claus to make them happy.

  210. I will volunteering at soup kitchen this year thru my food co-op. I hope to do this more often. Thanks for the chance at a pair of Tom’s! I saw a documentary about his company and I’m so impressed with his vision and the young folks he has found to work with him.

  211. This holiday season, (and I do this every year,) I am going shopping for a girl at my school who has literally nothing. Basically, I am supplying her Christmas. I get a bunch of gifts, wrap them up, and on Christmas day she will recieve them all anonymously..from the santa that remains a secret ;D
    .-= – kelsea´s last post…indulgence of the day: tri-color 80s laceups =-.

  212. I really love what they are doing at Tom’s shoes. Thank god there are people to do this type of thing so others will follow the model.
    .-= – Angel McKenna´s last post…TOMS SHOES $5 COUPON =-.

  213. I have been buying pre-assembled bags of grocery food at Publix and donating them to families in need. Thank you for the chance to win $50 for Tom’s Shoes. My friend is a big fan and has made me very interested in them. I also love their One for One program!

  214. I am your fan on Facebook 🙂

  215. I am also a fan of yours on Twitter 🙂

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