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So, you are all dressed up and ready for a fun night with your date and your friends…and you and your date pull up to the dance in a minivan with the parents.  Not cool.


If you can splurge, go for a limo.  You can save money by inviting your besties to come along with you and share the bill and the fun.

From andrethelimo.com

From andrethelimo.com

This 40 foot limo fits 30 people and has a dance area, 42″ Plasma, and 8 LCD Tv’s.  Imagine the pre and post prom party you could have!


From andrethelimo.com

If a limo is just too pricey, see if you can rent a car from a car rental agency.  Rolling up in a Mercedes or a Mini could definitely overshaddow the parental chauffeurs.

From ridelust.com

From ridelust.com


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  1. Esperanza Falcon

    what is the price for renting a red hummer limo ?

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