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With prom-time rapidly approaching, now is the time to decide what shoes you will be wearing with your prom outfit. Luckily, high heels are not absolute must-wears anymore so your options are a bit more varied. Funky sneakers or flat sandals can be just as gorgeous as a pair of heeled shoes. What you choose all depends on your personality and what you feel comfortable in. Remember, prom night can be veeeery long if you wear gorgeous but uncomfortable stilettos, especially if you’re not used to wearing high heels.

So you have your prom dress all sorted, you’ve made your appointment with the salon and now, all there is left to do is figure out what shoes to buy. Here are some important points to consider.

What type of dress did you buy?

If you bought a long dress, your shoes won’t be very visible, so you may as well opt for something comfortable. This doesn’t mean that you have to buy something drab. On the contrary. There are many glamorous flats that will look elegant and sexy, without hurting you after half an hour. If your prom  dress is a bit shorter or a-symmetrical, for instance, your feet will be more in the spotlight and in this case you may want to consider high heel pumps , pumps, or funky wedges.

Play with color

Color is something you can play with endlessly. Wearing a pink dress doesn’t mean your shoes also have to be pink. Contrasting colors can add some sassy funkiness to your prom outfit. If you have a light blue dress, for instance, you can either opt for a darker shade of that color, or something that complements it such as nude, silver or gold, but you can also go all-out funky and choose a color that clashes a bit such as wine-red or apple green. You can let the color of your shoes come back in your accessories as well.

How important is comfort to you?

If you don’t mind suffering a bit, which us women often do in order to look beautiful, heels can be gorgeous, I have to admit. But even a bit of suffering can become serious, unbearable suffering if your feet get so painful that you can’t dance anymore. Think about this carefully when choosing your shoes.

Succinct Floral All The Way Flat Sandals

succinct floral all the way flat sandals

Arent these just stunning? They are glamorous, comfortable and available in different colors. They are also very affordable because they are on sale at the moment.

Glamorous Stilettos

Most young women would love to wear heels. Especially to prom. They add instant sexiness and make you look tall and gorgeous. If you have some heel-experience it should not cause too many problems. You could opt for a pair that is high enough for you to walk in, but not so high that you feel uncomfortable or look uncomfortable, which can be just as bad. If you haven’t really worn heels before, you may want to start practicing. Wear them a few hours at home every night, or even a few times a day, until you are comfortable and confident enough to wear them to prom. Practice makes perfect, also when it comes to wearing heels.

And Shining Girl Dress Sandals

Shining Girl Dress Sandals

I personally love these heels. They are super high but because they have a platform sole, you don’t feel it so much. They are actually surprisingly comfortable, and you can get them at a discounted price!

Traditional or conventional? Stuff that!

You shouldn’t feel as if you have to comply with tradition or convention. Especially not when it comes to prom. It’s YOUR night! Choose the shoes that you love, even if it goes against what others think. Whether you want to wear boots, wedges or flip-flops, it’s your choice. All that matters is that you feel comfortable and confident, whether it is in towering high stilettos or funky sneakers.

Newest Follow The Style-Sneakers Low Heel Sneakers

Newest Follow The Style-Sneakers Low Heel Sneakers

See what I mean? How cool would these look, paired with a short red dress? And they are marked down as well!


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