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Ooh, this post is so, totally right up my alley, and it’s probably right up yours as well, especially if you’re a trendy little fashionista! If you take a look around at some of the racks and hangers within store windows, you’ll see that something is getting a little wild out there within the fashion safari.

Alyce Prom Dressprint prom dresses

Alyce Paris Sweet Sixteen Dressprint prom dresses

Cheetahs, Tigers, Zebras, oh my! Grab your safari hat and jeep because honestly, this season is looking a little funky, wild and fun! Okay, want me to just get to the point? Of course you do! If you haven’t guessed already, I’m talking about the fabulous and unique style of animal prints. Before you get all PETA on me, let me just remind you that I am working with a teenage budget (Ahem, allowance), so I’m obviously purchasing faux fur. Plus, who would want to kill cheetahs and tigers, zebras and leopards? That doesn’t sound remarkably chic to me! What is chic, however, is some phenomenal animal print prom dresses! Indulge in your wild side for this prom, ladies. Rawr!

Mixed Culture

Alyce Prom Dressprint prom dresses

Alyce Special Occasion Dressprint prom dresses

I don’t understand why some people preach that you can’t mix prints because some of the hottest print prom dresses are a mix of your favourite animals. Hello 21st century and the desire to be crazy and funky, especially within your fashion! Hallelujah! I’m loving it! Can you tell? Even if you don’t want to mix different animal prints within your print prom dress, you can still indulge in a variety of mixtures to achieve a style that you desire. You don’t have to rock a full zebra print gown. Choose something that has a splash of colour, different textures and layers. You’re already planning on making a statement at prom with one of the fabulous print prom dresses available to you, so why not go big or go home… In a chic way, of course?

Subtle Touch of Safari

Alyce Prom Dressprint prom dresses

Claudine for Alyce Designs Prom Dressprint prom dresses

I understand that not everyone wants to look like a stylish animal galloping along the safari in Africa, so I thought it was only necessary to let the more shy fashion indulgers of the world know that they too, can enjoy this spunk of safari, without looking like a jungle woman. Print prom dresses offer a variety of styles on both sides of the spectrum, and if you’re a little uneasy about getting uber daring with your gown, but still want to indulge in a look that is over the top and fabulous, shop for print dresses that have a touch of animal prints, instead of it being the main statement point. Sometimes a glimpse is the perfect accent to make your fashion a total statement!

Go All Out With The Dress

Alyce Paris Homecoming Dressprint prom dresses

Alyce Prom Dressprint prom dresses

Before I go any further, I just want to point out that I said, specifically, with the dress. If you want to rock a gown that is full and vibrant with your favourite animal print, that is fabulous! I’m totally doing the same for prom. However, when you choose such loud print dresses, it’s imperative that you keep everything else a little more on the quiet side. You know… Maybe turn down the volume with your stiletto heels and jewelry. I mean, cheetah print prom dresses are haute to trot, but if you add in zebra high heels, and tiger striped accessories, you’re going to look like a zoo keeper gone mad! Now, I don’t want to discourage you from indulging in a print prom dress that is loud, bold and daring because they are the most fun! I just want to encourage you to keep it chic and unique, and not insane asylum inspired.

Alyce Prom Dressprint prom dresses

Let your fashion out. Let it roar! Okay… Did I totally cross the line? Yeah… I totally did, didn’t I… I truly love this trend though, and although Snookie from the Jersey Shore kind of made leopard print a tacky trend for a while, don’t worry. As long as you’re not rocking a leopard print dress with a high poof and bubblegum pink lip gloss with a clash of fake tanner, you’ll be okay. And if you are wearing that, well… To each their own, right?

Sweetheart A-Line Dress Over Printed Mesh With Peacock Embroideryprint prom dresses

Peacock Inspired Prom Dressprint prom dresses

Want to know an even better and totally flawless way to indulge in this trend of print prom dresses? Go peacock style! This is a more elegant and exquisite way to indulge in this rather daring trend.


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