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Instagram Decoupage Memory / Jewelry Box

If you just graduated high school and your wondering what to get your best friend for graduation, this is a really cute gift idea (especially if you’re both going away to college!).

What is Decoupage?

It’s an awesome craft where you cut and paste pictures onto an object & coat the pictures with glue (or a decoupage glue) to protect it. You can decoupage anything really … Furniture, Picture Frames, Photo album covers, shelves, suitcases, dishes, candles, vases, rocks (for paperweights)

Here are some awesome examples of what you can do with decoupage from Etsy:

Supplies needed:

1. A small wood box .. Michaels craft stores carry these for very cheap (Under 5 dollars I think)
2. Photos. I think this project would look really cool with Instagram photos – Just login to Webstagram and save your pictures to a folder on your computer. You can either print them at home or go to a place like Staples to get them printed.
3. Glue. You can use Mod Podge, Collage Pauge, or regular elmer’s glue slightly diluted with water.
4. Popsicle stick to smooth out wrinkles & excess glue
5. Paint Brush or Foam Brush used to spread glue onto the picture.
6. Scissors to cut out the photos
7. Tweezers for positioning small pictures

1. Make sure your wooden box is clean and dry. If you decide to paint the box before you decoupage, make sure its completely dry.
2. Cut out your photos.
3. Arrange photos on to the wood box the way you want it to look.
4. Work in small sections while gluing. Remove the photos and apply glue onto the box. Cover the entire area the picture will touch.
5. Stick the picture onto the box, use your finger/popsicle stick and put out wrinkles and excess glue.
6. After gluing on all of the photos let the glue dry.
7. Once item is dry, coat the box completely with glue. Let dry.
8. Add coats of glue until pictures are smooth and you have the results you want.
9. Let dry completely.

*warning* if you print out your own photos from an inkjet printer – the ink will run and smudge

I’m going to make one next week and post it!


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  1. Thats such a cute gift idea! im definitely going to try that

  2. Aw! I love homemade gifts and every girl would love a jewellery box. Great idea!!

  3. marwa ben hadj hamza

    Great gift idea!!

  4. Going to try that it looks so cute

  5. This is a really cool idea! It’s definitely unique but very cute

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