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She wears hipster glasses, sings her own theme songs, and makes Lord of the Rings jokes. She’s Zooey Deschanel’s new adorable character Jess. Who couldn’t love her (“her” being both Zooey and Jess)? If you don’t, I’m sorry. We can’t be friends anymore.  But, I’m not here to give you a simple episode recap – you can get a great one over at Hello Giggles. We’re going to talk about fashion, of course! And moon over Jess’s sweet sense of style.

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The first outfit of note was the pink print dress you’ve seen Jess wearing in all the advertisements and at the beginning of the episode.

From Fox

You can find a similar pink print dress from Asos. Better get it quick because it’ll soon be too cold to wear it! :)

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Next we saw Jess on the sofa in a mopey, plaid, 90s grunge look. Don’t judge. We all deal with a break up in our own way!

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You can get your own mopey top from Forever 21.

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Once out of her funk, Jess went in search of a rebound guy in a preppy burgundy blazer.

From Fox

“Hey, sailor!”

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The rebound date secured, Jess had some trouble picking the perfect outfit. Though her sexy farmer look wasn’t as terrible on Zooey as the writers had intended.

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Kind of makes me want to try overalls and heels!

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But in the end, Jess went with a simply black dress, no rebound guy, and a night in with her new friends. A nice ending to a new beginning. Can’t wait to see what Jess wears next week!


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