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Two weeks from today I will be all done with my bar exam! Ahhhh! I thought I’d give you an update on how the prep work is going.

It has been about two months of reading, lectures, and practice questions, and I have taken these:

And boiled them down to these flashcards:

Now all I have to do is memorize them. I don’t know how my brain will manage, but it doesn’t have a choice!

Hope your summer has been better than mine. 😛


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  1. Good luck! You can do it!

  2. good luck!! i have faith in you, you’ll do fine 🙂 fingers crossed here!! lots of love xo
    .-= – Vie´s last post…10 Hottest Red Babydolls of All Time =-.

  3. I can’t wait til July 29 6 pm. I will be doneeeee… for now… I feel like I’m going crazy! AHH! Must learn my Constitutional Law.
    .-= – ETlaw07´s last post…ETlaw07- @JamesRR Yipee! OC! &lt3 Its getting hot here =-.

  4. I have a lot to complain about, but at least I am done on July 28th! Poor you and the rest of the CA bar takers! 🙁
    .-= – Queen Bee´s last post…Forever Pregnant =-.

  5. Might I suggest a dress made of flashcards following the Bar Exam? (Or maybe after passing the exam). I can send my colorful cards to add some spice 😉 Idaho, meet Illinois.

  6. haha, genius! My flashcards are all different colors because I kept running out of ink with all the writing. It would make a lovely dress. Plus I worked so hard on those stupid flashcards that I don’t want to throw them away! 😉

  7. ps- Ann, doesn’t it feel soooo good looking at all the crossed off days on the review schedule? We’ve done a lot of work this summer! Good luck on your exam!

  8. It does feel good…. until you remember that now you need to memorize all those subjects!!! We’re sooooo close though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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