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It’s that time of year again! School is starting in just about a month. Here’s my ideal first day of school outfit. A little preppy and a lot of fun.

skirt, tank, heels, beret, ring from Forever 21

Do you have your first day of school outfit yet?


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  1. Cute first day of school idea! I need to work on my outfit!

  2. This is a very accessible and trendy look for the first day. A lot of attention will be directed to anybody who steals this idea, me being one.

    – lolx <3,, very creative

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  4. I just love this story. First came to light in a Libertarian newsletter that I found circulating 20 years ago. Then someone sent me a copy of a local newscast going over the anniversary of the event. It was absolutely hilarious. The news anchors were laughing so hard after the report aired they could hardly speak. If I ever find that version of the story I’ll send it to you as it really is the best of all of the exploding whale videos I’ve ever seen.

  5. @Nelle Kohen,
    I would LOVE to see that! Please show it to me if you ever find it.

    <3 Queenbee

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