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Talk about an awesome prize! For one of you lucky Mafiettes, Davie and Chiyo will create the clutch of your dreams. No limits, no boundaries except your imagination.

From davieandchiyo.etsy.com

From davieandchiyo.etsy.com


From davieandchiyo.etsy.com

From davieandchiyo.etsy.com


From davieandchiyo.etsy.com

From davieandchiyo.etsy.com

Aren’t these just adorable?

I think the clutch of my dreams would be unapologetically outrageous, a leader, not a follower, a little girly, a little rough, and not afraid to make a statement.  It’d be fuchsia (of course!) and sparkly to cover the girlyness, but with a skull or tattoo detail to show a little bad-ass attitude. I’d call it Pretty Gritty because no girl is a lady all the time!

What would the clutch of your dreams look like?

Take a look at the Davie and Chiyo collection for some inspiration and leave your answer in a comment below. One minute your typing it and the next minute your wearing it…..it could happen!

Contest ends on Sunday, May 9th at 9 pm EST. Winner will be announced on Monday, May 10th.


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  1. The clutch of my dreams would be pink and girly!

  2. She has the loveliest clutches that I have seen and how fun to create one’s own! I would have the outside of the purse in the
    Chocolate Silk, the inside lining would be the Gold Champagne.
    The style I adore is the “Pretty Pleats Clutch”. I would have the smaller layered flower added in champagne and light cream. The frame would be antique bronze!
    Great prize contest!
    Many thanks, Cindi

  3. It would be pink, with a huge bow and a golden chain. I love the All About a BOW Clutch – Rose Pink.
    Thanks for the chance.

  4. I absolutely love the All about a BOW Clutch – Translucent Ivory
    for my wedding party. I would love to add a tiny bit of lavender, perhaps around the bow or for the lining!

  5. Wow, so many choices. It would be really hard. I do like the CUSTOMIZE Your THREE FRILLS Clutch. Not really sure what color I would choose yet.

  6. The clutch of my dreams is a CUSTOMIZE Your PRETTY PLEATS Clutch in Lilac!

  7. I would like the clutch purse and shoes………………loveeeeeeeeee them!!!How can I get them?

  8. I’de love to have one chocolate/golden pretty pleats clutch. So lovely =)

  9. I would love the THREE FRILLS Clutch

  10. I’d want a clutch with midnight black outer material, with rosettes in silk charmeuse asparagus. I’d also want a small strip (0.75 inches) of dupioni silk lime going around the whole clutch in the middle horizontally. The lining would also be dupioni silk lime. And it would have the shiny nickel frame.

    .-= – ETlaw07´s last post…ETlaw07: RT @ihatequotes: Believe in prayers. Trust your friends. Love your life. [email protected] #ihatequotes =-.

  11. My dream clutch would be steel gray with two zippers on the front, contrast chain/strap, and fold-over body. Simple, girly, with an edge, but also very functional.

  12. I love anything with ruffles, so I’d have to go with the Ruffles clutch, in one of the bright blue colors.
    .-= – Jessica @ Beautify My Life´s last post…No shopping for me =-.

  13. I love snap closing purses…they remind me of the one my great aunt used to carry around when I was younger!

    The clutch of my dreams would be all buttery soft black leather, pulled flush to the frame. Then down the center on both the front and the back of the bag there would flutter a taupe-colored leather vertical ruffle. On the center of that another vertical ruffle, this time black to bring back in the color. The snap closure and the the chain would be a shiny silver. I’d line the interior in a luscious silken taupe color to match the burst of ruffles on the exterior. On the inside label I’d let David and Chiyo embroider their name….this way when everyone compliments the clutch I can pop it open and let them see who created it!

    The bag would be classic and classy, which is my favorite look for the evening! It would match all my leather pumps, both black and brown! Ugh, I’m swooning over it already!

  14. I love the A Perfect Wedding – Dreams. 🙂

  15. The clutch of my dreams would look like this: http://www.etsy.com/listing/45085024/ivory-cream-ruffles-clutch


    samyrocks92 at msn dot com
    .-= – Samy´s last post…I’m half asleep right now 🙂 =-.

  16. These are soooo clutchtastic. I would totally want the black/gold version but instead make it navy blue with dark pink (raspberry) accents.
    .-= – Katrina´s last post…Desperate BlogWives: Airing my Dirty Blog Laundry =-.

  17. I love disney so I’d definitely go with something cinderella castle themed, I’m not sure exactly what yet though. I would probably go with something like the mickey shaped balloons they have in all the commercials!

  18. would love to have the pink one, such a great shape

  19. The clutch of my dreams would be pink and black.
    [email protected]

  20. susan varney

    red and blue [email protected]

  21. Mine would have diagonal ruffles in black and egyptian blue!

  22. I love buying accessories that go with everything! I’d have to choose a black and white color for that chic and sophisticated look. I have this addiction to add pearls on any DIYs I do, so a string of pearls around the top or even the middle would be a nice touch along with lace, the perfect two (lace and pearls)! I’m a huge fan of the big bow trend, like the pink clutch shown above, so a nice bow would finish it. (:

  23. Ok…I adore about every clutch in the shop! LOVE!

    My design would be something like the Three Frills…(or maybe Five Frills) Each layer would be a different color, going from lightest at the top to darkest at the bottom to create an ombre look.

    It would then be finished off with colorful, fun lining and a chain handle. Thanks for such a fantastic giveaway!
    XO Piper
    .-= – DailyDivaDish´s last post…How to Conceal Dark Circles Under Eyes =-.

  24. My perfect clutch would be an obnoxiously large bow-shaped clutch in a creamy-offwhite color. And it would have a silver chain for easy carrying.

    zograscopic (at) gmail (dot) com

  25. I would like a black and purple bow clutch.

  26. yes, sign me up, you can never have enough purses

  27. The clutch of my dreams would be plum, silk and sleek with a crisp clasp snap (like hobo clutches) and with a big organza flower one side and a black rhinestone within and little black rosettes with plumrhinestone interiors along the clasp area in a straight line

  28. The clutch of my dreams is made from silk and adorned with gemstones/crystals. If not, then a beautiful handmade silk flower will do.

  29. Judith (from Israel)

    The clutch of my dreams would be a black silk clutch with a large black silk flower on it.

  30. i love the RUFFLE TRIM clutch (oreo) clutch! SO CUTE

  31. Oohhh- There are two imaginary clutches that I’m falling in love with:
    1) I love the pale tiered rose clutch but want it with a hot pink (or purple or orange- something crazy bright) lining.
    2) I also love the black or taupe leather clutches but want it with a little detail of stingray leather!
    Either way, I want a little custom label that says “I’m just a soul whose intentions are good. Oh Lord, please don’t let me be misunderstood.”
    .-= – Katie´s last post…Heart Shaped World =-.

  32. The clutch of my dreams would be… a fuschia pink dupioni silk clutch with a floral print oversized bow which I could use on my honeymoon trip to New York! Excited!

  33. i love pink purse clutch..this is my dream to have a good bag like this..actually i have a littl collection bag..and i want more add some..i hope i can add this bag to my collection..love it so much..
    Thank’s for the chance…..

  34. The clutch of my dream would be in tiger print of brown tan tones with an added peacock feather short & sweet on an angle on the purse with a long gold attached chain that can be used on the shoulder but removed.
    Gotta love that!!

  35. I absolutely love the Gold Butterflies Clutch and the Pretty PLEATS Clutch – Baby yellow.

  36. The clutch of my dreams would be one that could match my everyday wear! It’d be of two layers of vertical black silk chiffon ruffles with eggplant pleated center to match my raven black hair with purple peekaboos. The inside would be lined with eggplant to give it that colorful pop of contrast. No matter what i’m wearing this cluth will always match me :]

  37. Would be a tan colour, with some sort of floral embelishment – classic and elegant.

  38. Red satin, Swarovski-beaded chain for the wrist in silver/clear/black, chain criss-cross pattern on the side embellished with more crystals.

  39. I like the Three Frills Clutch in Mocha-Lining in Champagne-Antique Brass frame.

  40. The clutch of my dreams would be made with comic-inspired fabric and a big vintage button in a bright colour!

  41. The clutch I’m envisioning is for my baby sister who is graduating this year! She’s has always been more of a tomboy than a girly girl, but she’s super sentimental so for me to accessorize her big night is a must. Black is her prefered hue, so my two piece of inspiration were: the Shabby Chic Leather Clutch and the Midnight Black Ruffles Clutch. I love the subtle detail of the altering leather: smooth, suede, smooth. For an edgy but sophisticated look the Shabby Chic Leather Clutch in black leather, with the antique brass frame and matching double interior chain. The interior lining would be Egyptian blue dupioni silk (the only other colour in her wardrobe). And the final touch would be the message inside on a rectangular label in Edwardian reading “from jie to mui on your first big night” in all lower case.

  42. My favorite is tiered rose in either cream, soft pink or chocolate brown – or maybe in all 3 colors combined

  43. My dream clutch would be the one with the bow, but instead of being white like I saw on their site I would make it either pink, black, or maybe red. 🙂

  44. My ideal clutch would be the BOW Clutch in HOT pink with a white inside. Thanks for the chance to win:)

  45. The clutch of my dreams would be cobalt blue with bright red rosettes…three of them grouped together…mmm.

  46. The clutch of my dreams?…I have just woken up and I can’t remember it. Being an artist(kinda),I’ll make sure I carry a pen and paper to bed….then I can describe it.

  47. I think the clutch of my dreams would be like a neutral dusty teal or blue grey with a little ruffle and a chain… because i tend to smack people with my clutch when its purely handheld. I just like talking with my clutch, I can’t help it.

  48. Kimberly Gillespie

    I think the clutch of my dreams is the pretty pleats clutch. It is so classic and retro. I love it!

  49. Mine would be ruffly (is that a word?) shiny and bright, like yellow or pink. Maybe orange

  50. I would want one that’s patent leather rather than satin, but they seem to make only satin, so I’d definitely go for a really bright color (probably red or turquoise) and a bow detail.

  51. Hmmm, a soft feel, silk forest green base with brilliant green peacock feather design interwoven with gold thread highlighting each feather, bold bronze clip fastener, blood red silk internal lining with one side a 10cm long, 5cm deep zip pocket and on the opposite side an open pocket card-size. This would be beautiful, make my heart skip.

  52. Her cluthces are adorable! I think the clutch of my dreams must have a little bit of the RUFFLE TRIM clutch – Oreo, a little bit of the LIPSTICK clutch, and a little bit of the Pretty PLEATS Clutch – Silver (I think it would be the dolor).
    And the Clutch ADD ON – Chunky Silk Internal Chain would go for the strap!
    It would be finished off with colorful lining.

    If I won I would love to let Davie and Chiyo design and create it for me! I love surprises!

  53. I love them all! especially brown Shabby Chic Leather – Taupe!

  54. I’d love a black clutch with a big white bow!


  55. Mine would be full of ruffles! Dark Purple with maybe some bling:) Something like this would go well to take with me to all the weddings and parties I have planned and great way to spread the word of your beautiful clutches!

  56. My dream clutch would be in a beautiful yellow silk. The colour would mean that it would be perfect for my wedding AND it would get tonnes of use afterwards. It would have a snap closure for a traditional feel and a blue inner lining for ‘something blue’. Attached to the inner lining would be a label with the date of our wedding on it. There would be a lovely bow or flower attached to the outside.

  57. The clutch of my dreams would be my accessory of choice for the wedding of my dreams, which is taking place October 16th. It would be both modern and retro, soft and edgy, and within the color scheme of the wedding (silver, blue, yellow). It would be the perfect reminder of the beginning of my own happily ever after!

  58. I’d use the A Perfect Wedding – Duchess Pleats clutch as a starting point. LOVE the pleating, but would change the main bag to a bold red satin, with a pair of silvery gray flowers.

  59. My dream clutch would be a gold satin bag that would be big enough to fit my cell phone in, and bright pink on the inside with a bow on the outside!

  60. I dream of a creamy magnolia white silk clutch folded into gentle box pleats. The outer wall of the box pleats are embroidered with grey and silver thread, featuring delicate patterns of bird, leaf, flower, insect and birds, with a subtle shading or tonal effect. The inner wall is scattered with tiny white seed pearls. The body of my clutch is structured similar to ‘tiered rose clutch’: as wide as it is long. There is a platinum fastener. The inside is a shimmery dove-grey silk. My clutch will sit perfectly in my cupped & french manicured hands, gracing this day with its beauty.

  61. I looove these clutches! I would love each and every bag on the Etsy storefront. I think my dream clutch would be vintage-looking and have a fun surprise inside like a fabric map lining. I would start with the All About the Bow design because the fabric being pulled to one side is really pretty, but would rather have a flower than the bow. It would be beautiful to have a simple white purse, but with a bright orange flower with some green and white layers.

  62. so all this clutches are amazing
    my dream clutch would be a silver color
    with flowery pattern in black lace form that you can really see its there but its there
    then it would have a white bow and some sparkles to create the effect of shinning and then to add a hard edge it would have some
    squares that are like on belts down to the side of the clutch
    and then finally the strap would be a strap metal and then pink ribbon wrapped around the metal to create that soft look

  63. I want colors, colors, colors with a big flower!

  64. A white silk clutch with silver closures, and a large flower.

  65. Bright pink clutch with a bow.

  66. My dream clutch will be in colored champagne. made of soft ruffled fabrics, green flowers and tiny black accents.

  67. I love the pleated clutch with the removable brooch. I think the Eggplant color is my favorite! Also like the optional chain. Thanks for sharing!

  68. In case you are wondering why it took me so long , I rarely had any sleep this week…so here comes the clutch of my dreams!!!!!!!!!!!;
    First the dominant colour would have to be purple.Purple for royalty. Many people go for the common rectangular or rounded clutch.I want something that will catch the eye like an instant magnet; how about a clutch with a wavy outline? And this is not JUST a wavy outline;it is the body of a Dragon that appears to be snaking its way around the clutch, its head being at the centre top.

    I woul love to have most of the body in pleats -of blue and purple.Blue for Cool.Having an African family background, I would love to have the pleats interlacing and flowing to form the shape of a peacock that is mostly found in the East African grasslands.Usually the peacock is a symbol of beauty and that is what this is all about.
    Some crystal-clear beads here and there for a shimmering effect wouldn’t hurt too.There; the clutch of my dreams-soon-to-turn-reality-hopefully.

  69. I would love to give the Pretty PLEATS Clutch – Ivory Gems to my daughter for her Grade 9 grad

  70. My dream clutch would be purple with some lovely grey ruffles!

  71. The Ivory-cream RUFFLES Clutch is my style.

  72. Laura Emerson

    I would love a clutch that is silver and when the lights hit it, it turns different colors, from green to blue!

  73. It is very shiny but classic-and goes with everything 🙂 Probably silvery and eye-catching!

  74. mine would have a great ruffles with lots of crystal brooches on it

  75. Wanda Perrier

    My clutch would be leather with sraps for easy carrying,thanks for the giveway,good luck to all

  76. Mine would be black with a giant bow and on the inside bright hot pink!

  77. Two tone clutch with ruffle to the top and in 2 different colors of silk

  78. I would love to see a gunmetal satin clutch with a peacock feather and vintage brooch.

  79. I’m picturing an All About a BOW Clutch in silver lame with rhinestone trim. It can’t be too sparkly for me!

    Thank you!

  80. My dream clutch would be a soft pink color with some bright pink flowers scatter all over it.

  81. The clutch of my dreams would look like a harmonica.

  82. my dream clutch would be the All About a BOW Clutch – Pearl Blue that is really delicate and pretty

  83. My dream clutch would be made out of super soft go with anything black leather with hot pink lining for a nice girly pop and a silver chain wrist strap so it could easily be dressed up or down!

  84. As the girl that is known for her outrageous bow accessories, an ensemble would be incomplete without a stand out bow showcased on the night of her graduation.

    The most important night of my life thus far will be spent with the “All About LINCOLE’S BOW” clutch. The apple green dupioni silk will be a pop of colour beside my grad dress, which I am hand making in powder pink silk charmeuse. The bow will be wrapped with asparagus silk chiffon to create even more volume.

    I will also add a 45 inch elegant chain so that it can be worn across the body, on the shoulder and hidden as a clutch. It’s not enough to wear this concoction once. It’s got to be my statement piece!

    Then, when I reach in for my Mademoiselle lipstick, a surprise of powder pink lining will be seen, along with the same sheer chiffon as the bow is revealed. The space separating the two layers will be a sprinkle of little gold seed beads as a special surprise. In addition, where the lining is attached will be a piped edge (without the cord) of gold that adds a flash of colour. As for the label, I adore the one on the “Shabby Leather Chic – Taupe” clutch. The leather backing the embroidered tag is perfect. Below it will be a small tag underneath with my name embroidered on it so that it will never be lost. This personalized touch is an added reason why I will treasure this clutch; no one will ever have the same one as me.

    I want to be the girl that was remembered for her knock out appearance, not the one with just the dress or shoes or hair. A bag truly finishes the look; the perfect bag to me is what
    the beloved blue Manolos are to Carrie Bradshaw.

  85. Deanna Diebler

    Black pleated clutch,with black rose,white lining,silver clasp.

  86. Veronica Garrett

    Mine would be sky blue with pleats and diamonds.

  87. I love the tiered rose cream clutch.

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